Interesting Brain Facts

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Interesting Brain FactsThe human brain is one of the most complex organs in the world. There is less known about it than there is about every other human organ. People seem to know more about space than we do about the object between our ears that allows us to learn, study and think. Even today we are learning new and exciting things about it. One thing we do know and have known for a long time is that the brain has 2 hemispheres. What we have recently discovered is that the left is for analytic thought and the right is for creative thoughts.But there are so many more interesting brain facts for you to know about.

By now most people would know that the brain, much like the CPU of a computer,  is the central processing unit of the body. The brain manages every aspect of our lives, from emotions to feeding, and breathing to feeling. But one of the most fascinating things about the brain are the complete lack of nerve receptors within the complex organ. The brain actually has no nerves at all, and feels no pain. It’s for this reason that surgeons are able to operate on patients when they are fully conscious. To be even more precise, patients undergoing brain surgery are most often awake during the procedure so that the surgeon performing the delicate operation can be alerted to any problems that may arise.

But a lack of nerves makes way for more interesting brain facts. The brain comprises a massive 100,000 miles of blood vessels. For such a complex piece of meat to keep us functioning it needs a large portion of blood. With its massive amount of blood vessels, the brain consumes roughly 17 percent of the bodies entire energy, and 20 percent of all the oxygen the body uses. But while the brain itself is only about two percent of the entire body mass, it consumes enough energy to run a light bulb.

Did you also know that a man has a larger brain? About ten percent larger actually. But women can rest assured. A large brain doesn’t necessarily mean more intelligence. For example, Albert Einstein’s brain weighed 1,230 grams, whereas the average males brain weighs 1,400 grams.

Here’s a few more brain facts that will probably surprise you.

When do you think that your brain will be most active? While you are awake or asleep. I bet most people said while you are awake. If you did you are incorrect. Studies have shown that a brain is far more active during sleeping than when you are awake. Here’s a bonus. Having an afternoon nap can actually improve mental alertness and make people more focused on their work.

Brains obviously come in all different forms. There’s the smart, and the, well… Not so smart. But what about the smartest? The man with the highest IQ is Kim Ung-yong. His IQ is an amazing 210. By the time he was 8 months old he could already understand algebra, and by his 2nd birthday he had mastered four languages! If that’s not amazing enough for you try this. He started university at the age of four.


Interesting Brain Facts


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