Chinese Breast Touching Festival In Yunnan Province – Real or Fake

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Chinese Breast Touching Festival In YunnanIf only the Chinese breast touching festival in Yunnan Province was a real event, tourism from single, creepy men would sky rocket. Have you ever heard this story? According to many rumors that have gone viral on hundreds micro blogging sites and chat forums around the world, there is a three day breast touching festival held in the town of Eija, Yunnan Province, China every July. The men from the town would be invited to touch the breasts of women aged 15 years and up. According to the rumors the breast touching festival was established during the Sui Dynasty as a way of protecting untouched ladies from the ghosts of soldiers who were sent off to war. It had been connected with the Hungry Ghost festival.

As a man I can say that it sounds exciting, and too good to be true. Alas, it is. There is absolutely no such thing as a a breast touching festival in Eija, Yunnan Province, China. This was confirmed following a report in the China Daily about the growing popularity of festivals in China where government officials confirmed that the reports were completely fabricated.

Chinese breast touching festival on Wikipedia

Some of you may be saying, “But I read about the Chinese breast touching festival on Wikipedia!” If you are an avid reader of Wikipedia there is a chance that you did read about the fake festival on on the site. It remained present on the site for over a year, until it became a popular thread on Reddit and was discovered to be a fake. Once the article was found by Wikipedia users it was withdrawn.

As many people already know, the trouble with, and main reason Wikipedia is often regarded as an unreliable source is because all of the articles are user driven. As Neil deGrasse Tyson discovered when he attempted to change entries on his own Wikipedia page. For the most part though Wikipedia is a great source for informative content, and much of the time the hoaxers and pranksters submissions get withdrawn or altered.

The wiki about the Chinese breast touching festival is now a part of Wikipediocracy.

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