The Inventor of the Guillotine Was Killed by Guillotine

inventor of guillotine killed by guillotine

Oh dag nam it. How unfortunate is this? The inventor of the guillotine was killed by guillotine. As we know, the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful tool to have, but is of little use, especially in this case. But in saying that, would the inventor of the guillotine have invented it if he knew he would be killed by guillotine? In what might surprise a lot of people, I’d say yes. Yes he would.

The guillotine is a gory, gruesome and highly efficient machine used to industrialize the process of executions. When compared to other normal methods employed before more modern times, it offered both the condemned and the executioner the surety of a quick, clean death. Before its implementation executions were clumsy, and there was no guarantee of a quick, clean, and relatively painless death. The normal methods used were hanging, decapitation by ax or sword, and even burning at the stake. All of these methods could not guarantee a clean kill, and also took a toll on the poor soul dishing out the harsh punishment. The guillotine changed all of that.

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Zafar Ahmed

Love the gadget better then hanging

Muhammad Anas


Amen Hashmi

Najam Ul Hassan

Keith Sutton

Poetic justice.