Is It Bad To Stop A Sneeze?

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Is It Bad To Stop A Sneeze

If you navigate to our previous fact about sneezes (the link is above and below his fact to the left) you will be able to read about the spectacular speeds in which people sneeze. Obviously with such an aggressive action that produces these kinds of speeds, there’s danger in the  midst. The dangers of sneezing can be varied in their differing degrees of damage. So what if you don’t sneeze? That is, you are able to suppress it. Is it bad to stop a sneeze? In short, yes it is.

So what are the dangers of sneezing?

While it may not see mi there are many hazards posed when we say achoo. It’s surprisingly common for people to bite their lip or tongue during fits. These bites can cause anything from minor lacerations to amputation of the tongue, or part there of. The other notable hazard is when operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles. A serious sneezing fit can easily cause the operator to loose focus and cause serious injury or death. So I bet you are now wondering why, when sneezing can cause some injuries, why is it bad to stop a sneeze?

Why is it bad to stop a sneeze?

Have you ever felt a sneeze coming on and tried to stop it? It’s something natural that many of us do. I will personally try to prevent myself from spraying my possibly infectious spit in public, regardless of what ever it is that’s triggering it. Little did I know that it was dangerous, and possibly far more dangerous than actually sneezing.

If you do or have it is and can be really dangerous. If you try and suppress a sneeze it can burst your ear drums, which is bad enough, but it gets far worse. Suppressing a sneeze can literally snap your neck or back, rupture a blood vessel and kill you!




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