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The Youngest Person Executed in America Was Only 12 Years Old



The youngest person executed in America was Hannah Ocuish, who was only 12 years old. When we are talking about executions, we are talking about legally enforced and recognised by the state. Regardless on the stance you take on capital punishment, to take the life of someone so young, and technically still a child, is disgraceful. So who was the youngest person executed in America, and what was their crime?

Hannah Ocuish, a 12 year old native American met the hangman’s noose on 20 December, 1786. Young Hannah was hanged in Connecticut for the crime of killing another child, six year old Eunice Bolles, whom she had fought with the previous summer. The apparent motive for the murder was revenge after fighting over some strawberries. When little Eunice’s body was discovered, Hannah denied any connection with her death. The local law enforcement didn’t believe her, and took her to the badly beaten body of Eunice. Upon seeing her, Hannah confessed to the crime of murder. It was a crime that would see her hang.

While Hanna remains to this day the youngest person executed in America, and it will most likely remain that way, other children have faced similar gruesome fates. Even in the 20th century children have been sent to their end at the demand of the state.

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