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How Long Do Koi Live For?

how long do koi live

Question. How long do koi live for? I’ll just start by saying that it is over 200 years. No, we didn’t accidentally double tap the zero on that number. That’s a real two hundred, and years. But is this the normal life span for most koi? Let’s investigate further.

Before you consider purchasing one of these beautiful aquatic creatures for a backyard pond first please consider the time that you may have to invest in looking after them. As you have just read, Koi can survive for an absolutely insane amount of time, much longer than many ordinary pets. Sure, there are some pets that do survive and become a life long pet, such as some parrots and even goldfish like this one. But even those extended lives are no match for koi who can survive for centuries. But not all of them can and do. In what can be considered totally unfair, some breeds live for only a fraction of the time possible.

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