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Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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14 Papal Facts That Are a Little Disturbing

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Papal Facts That Are A Little Disturbing

So, when it comes to Papal facts I bet a lot of you already think you know all there is to know. Well, all I can say is that there are a lot more facts about the office of Pope that you really should know. And after reading through this list you will surely look upon the Catholic church differently.

I will say though, that even though some of these Pope facts may be a little disturbing, they are not a reflection on the current Pope Francis, who is a real cool dude and winning the hearts and minds of people from all around the world.

1 The Shortest Ever Election Of A Pope

Electing a Pope isn’t really a clear cut procedure. Unlike political elections in a democratic society where we are bombarded with political advertising and maneuvering, there is no such practice in the church. Even though the position is really a political one, the only guidance that the Cardinals have is from God. Yep, they have to pray for guidance on how to vote. To make matters even more difficult, there isn’t a short list of contenders for Pope, which we will explain later. This weird election process is what makes the shortest election of a Pope so amazing.

The Papal election of October 1503 is regarded as the shortest ever election of a Pope. It took place after one of the shortest ever reigns of a Pope ended with the death of Pius III who reigned for 26 days. The election took only ten hours to elect Giuliano della Rovere as Pope Julius II to succeed Pope Pius III.


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