The Longest And Loudest Burp Ever Recorded

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longest burp ever

Now you’re in for a treat with our two for one offer. Not only will we reveal what the longest burp ever recorded was, but also the loudest burp ever recorded.

Belching is one of those things that we all do, but look down on those who do it. A necessary function of the digestive system, just as with flatulence it has found itself on the incorrect side of acceptability. With just about all nations and cultures around the world now regarding the burp as offensive and taboo, with the exception of Bahrain where it is still considered to be a compliment, the belch has found itself hidden as being a rude bodily function. However, people uncontrollably do it several times a day, and some of them will use it to create records that a few find vulgar.

I must admit, while a lot of records are certainly disgusting, and many of us would rather turn away in revulsion, oddly enough it’s these same records that end up being the most inquisitive. Which is kind of proven by your being here right now. So how about we get down to the nitty-gritty of these two bizarre records?

The longest burp ever recorded

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest burp ever recorded took place on 16 June, 2009. So it’s a very recent record indeed. It was set by Michele Forgione (a man), in Reggiolo, Italy. The belch lasted longer than most periods of silence while we are showing respect to those who are no longer with us. How long was it? The longest burp ever recorded lasted one minute 13 seconds, which is absolutely astounding.

While I highly doubt it, this is a record that could potentially be broken any time soon. The reason is that beginning in 2012, the World Burping Federation started an annual burping competition. In that year a record was set by a New York pizza chef named Tim Jrectum. His belch lasted 18.1 seconds, which is still a very long time, but far below that set by Michele Forgione in 2009. In both circumstances, the 2009 record and the 2012 attempt, a belch of such length required both a lot of wind and significant amount of control.

The loudest burp ever recorded

That was the longest, now it’s time for the loudest burp ever recorded. I will say that it was deafening too. The loudest burp ever recorded was set by Paul Hunn, in London, UK on 24 September 2008. The deafening belch came in at 107.1 decibels, which is louder than many motorcycles. This is a record obviously set by a male, but a female created a very loud burp too.

On 16 February, 2008, an American housewife, Jodie Parks, who I must say is rather demure, created a belch that has surpassed every other burp for female. In fact, it set the record for loudest burp for a female according to the Guinness World Records, who officiated the record during a Spanish variety show, in Madrid, Spain. The record breaking female burp came in at a very impressive 104.75 decibels.

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loudest burp ever


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