The Lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Was Originally Written by a Man for Men

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girls just wanna have fun lyrics

Who would have ever thought that the lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was originally written for men? Even the title suggests that it is a feminine song. But you’d be absolutely gob smacked to learn that it was originally written by Robert Hazard in 1979, and he intended for a man to sing it.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was the signature hit song in 1980 sung by Cyndi Lauper. She included it in her debut album, and it soon became a massive hit, making her world famous and her version became a cult classic. When she used the song it wasn’t in its original form. She took the original version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and altered the lyrics so it sounded more feminine. It obviously paid off for her, otherwise young women of the early 1980’s may have had a completely different anthem.

Well, if the classic version that Cyndi Lauper released was slightly altered from the original, what was the original version all about? When Robert Hazard originally penned the lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun he wrote it from a guys perspective, which is the opposite to the one vocalized by Lauper. In doing so he intended for it to also be sung by a man.

You can watch a video of the original Robert Hazard’s lyrics to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and see the differences yourself.



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