Male Versus Female Heart Rate

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Male Versus Female Heart Rate

Did you know that there’s a difference when it comes to the male versus female heart rate? At first glance many people would think that this is absolute rubbish, why would the hearts beat at different rates? Men and women aren’t that different are they? Well apart from the obvious differences, not really. But there are some minor differences in how our bodies operate, and heart rate is one of them.

It doesn’t take a physician to know that the heart can vary in its rate of beating and pumping blood around the body. Going for a run will increase the number of beats exponentially, while taking a nap, or resting will slow the rate down a lot. But did you know that there is a difference in heart rate depending on your gender? But gender isn’t the only difference in rate of pumping blood around the body. Even among individuals it can very greatly with age. 

Before you are born the heart is already beating away. But the beating isn’t at the same tempo it is now, it was much faster. When you are born the heart is thumping away at breakneck speeds, but as you mature the rate slows. How amazing is that? But now for the cool part, gender specifics.

Male versus female heart rate, which is faster?

A woman’s heart actually beats faster than a mans heart. Some experts believe this is part of the reason women live longer than men. There is also a theory that this faster heart rate is behind the reason women on average suffer more sudden heart related deaths than men, who historically have a more prolonged period of heart problems.


Male Versus Female Heart Rate


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