Albert Einstein Was Such A Womanizer He Would Wear A Silk Robe To Flash Women

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einstein a womanizer

The man who is regarded as the epitome of intelligence, Albert Einstein had a soft spot for women. A real soft spot it turns out. But was Albert Einstein a womanizer? History would say yes, and there was one thing that he did in particular that exhibited this trait so effectively.

Even though the man was without a doubt brilliant, he was still human, and as susceptible to human flaws as everyone else is. While being a womanizer, as Einstein was, is no real flaw, it encapsulates another side of a man that is held in such high regard the world over.

There are at least two accounts that show the more playful side of Einstein. One of those are his intimate letters, now held in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. What these letters show is that there were at least six women who were seeking the attention of the famous physicist. He was a bit like a rock star back in the day, and had women all around the world chasing him. This itself doesn’t show that he was chasing women, but some of his letters show exactly how he felt about the attention. He was even so bold at times that he even asked his stepchildren to pass messages to his mistresses so it wouldn’t raise the suspicious eye. He even got caught cheating on his first wife with her sister. He responded by saying, “You can’t blame me; we were young and she was willing.” But as cunning as this was, nothing surpassed what Einstein did with a silk robe. This was Einstein womanizing at his best.

I must admit, this is really a bit cheeky, and could have landed him in a lot of hot water. It turns out that he was a bit of a flirt and sexual deviant. At times, Einstein would appear wearing a silk bathrobe when women were present. No big drama, Hugh Hefner gets around like this most of the time. However, Einstein would allow the robe to “slip open” and reveal himself to the woman as if it was accidental. While this was a bit sleazy, and could be seen as an accident, it was his next move that showed his womanizing in full flair.

Once Einstein’s silk robe had “slipped” and revealed himself accidentally to the woman he would gauge their response. It was how they reacted when the accident happened that he would make his next move. We will leave the rest for you to imagine.

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einstein a womanizer


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