One Ball Hangs Lower than The Other So they Don’t Bang Together

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balls hang lower than other

So I will assume that you are already aware that one ball hangs lower than the other, but do you know why? Some people might misguidedly think that there is an abnormality with the testes, or some other explanation for this appearance, such as genetic or even some kind weird disease. But the true reason that one ball hangs lower than the other is much less exciting. It’s to stop them from banging against one another.

As any man will testify, any blow, even a small blow to that particular region of the groin, can be excruciatingly painful. A small impact can render most men completely incapacitated, rolling on the ground in agony. It honestly feels as if someone has reached up inside of you through your private parts with a blender, then turned it on. It’s not a great feeling. So could you imagine what it would be like if you were experiencing small impacts in that region all day long? It wouldn’t be fun, so nature stepped in. But it’s not only your comfort that is the reason one ball hangs lower than the other. Another reason is for sperm protection.

It’s no big surprise that the main reason you are here is to pass on your genetic code to another. This is where your sperm comes in. The sperm are the little guys that ensure a little bit of you gets passed along to another person, aka, your children. Protecting the means of reproduction is of the utmost importance to evolution. If something were to happen to your little swimmers, your genetic line would end with you. So by placing one ball lower, you sperm is protected. But how?

A study in France discovered that the testes are not always kept at the same temperature. This itself is of a huge benefit to the sperm. By also having one lower than the other, it prevents friction from occurring. The constant rubbing of the two balls would create heat, which would not be something that sperm would welcome.

The biological reason one ball hangs lower than the other is because of the blood flow, in particular the venous blood flow. One vein is larger than the other, and the difference in blood drainage results in one hanging lower than the other.


  • One study found that the right ball of left handed people hangs lower, and the left is lower for right handed people.
  • The ball that hangs the lowest is usually smaller



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