Worlds Largest Breasts

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sheyla-hershey worlds largest breasts 38kkk 38mmm

The worlds largest breasts are an astounding piece of architecture, literally. The over sized eye grabbers belong to a woman from Houston, Texas, and she is rather proud of them, becoming a celebrity of sorts thanks to her huge assets. Further more, she owes her life to them.

Most men with raging hormones will often take any opportunity they can to sneak a quick peak at some boobies, clothed or not. But most men would probably prefer the uncovered version over the covered version. As is usually the case, big items can more easily attract a wandering eye. Which is exactly what these masses of silicon do.

While men prefer breast of varying sizes, it’s usually the larger ones that get the attention. I suppose it’s like a group of people of average height and one person being one foot taller than everyone else. It’s far easier to see the tall person, just as it’s a lot simpler to see a big pear of breasts. If you do have a personal preference for a particular sized breast, it could come down to how much you earn. If you personally like big boobies, keep reading. If you don’t, I’m sure you are inquisitive enough to read just a little bit more.

What size are the worlds largest breasts? They are an astounding 38MMM and belong to Sheyla Hershey of Houston, Texas. As a natural B cup it took 9 operations to reach the size of 38KKK and she nearly lost her breasts following the last operation when she got a staph infection. Despite the fact that she nearly lost them, she credits them to saving her life.

How did the worlds largest breasts save the life of Sheyla Hershey?


Surprisingly, Sheyla Hershey claims her 38MMM breasts saved her life. She was involved in a car accident when the over sized breasts protected her from much more serious injury, a little like air bags (who would have ever thought).

Now you have discovered what the worlds largest breasts by way of an implant are, you should pop on over to our other fact that reveals the largest natural breasts. Just like the ones that Sheyla Hershey sport, they are sure to blow your mind.

Watch the below video and tell us what you think? Has she gone too far or do you think it just doesn’t matter so long as she is happy?


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Worlds Largest Breasts



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