Does Anything Rhyme with Orange or Silver?

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orange rhyme

Does anything at all, any other words in the English language rhyme with orange or silver? I can still remember my school teacher, all these years later, giving this pop quiz. The words that we were asked to find a rhyme to were orange, silver, purple and month. Despite all of our efforts, no one in our class was able to come u with an answer. But because we couldn’t find an answer, and our teacher thought herself very clever thinking there were no correct answers, there actually are! Sp prepare to have your entire world and understanding of the English language shattered. You may now be able to correct your school teachers.

Contrary to popular opinion several words that are thought not to have rhymes actually do. These include popular words purple, which rhymes with  curple (the hindquarters of a horse or donkey), and hirple (to walk with a limp). We’ve just eliminated one color, now for another. Orange also has a rhyme. Orange rhymes with Blorenge, which is a hill in Wales. Two non rhyming colors down, let’s hit silver. Believe it or not, but silver also has a rhyme. Silver rhymes with chilver, which is a female lamb. They were the easy ones, let’s move onto a difficult one.

Another popular word that is thought not to have a rhyme is month. Try your hardest to think of one. It’s pretty difficult isn’t it? But there is one, only one and it’s en-plus-oneth (n + 1)th, a mathematical term. 

Watch the video below of Stephen Fry discussing one of the rhymes on QI.


orange rhyme


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