Ron Jeremy Was a Special Education Teacher Before Going into Adult Entertainment (we All Know What That Is)

Ron Jeremy’s transition from special education teacher to porn star was almost an accidental one, and certainly one of necessity. As we all do, Ron had dreams and ambitions. His dream was to become an actor. One day he decided to leave teaching and pursue his dream of acting in New York City. But it was tough. Roles and money were scarce, and his dream of becoming an actor was fading. Until he was persuaded to do something awkward by his girlfriend at the time.

His girlfriend at the time sent a photo of him to Playgirl. She persuaded him to pose for the magazine, which gained him so much fame that potential suitors who had seen him in the magazine started phoning his grandmother believing it was him. His real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt[, and his grandmothers name is Rose. Oops.

Ron Jeremy made what can be considered a far more natural transition from that to porn as a method of supporting himself. He has since gone on to become the biggest star in the porn world, holding the world record for most appearances in adult films, over 2,000.

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