Scorpions Glow in the Dark

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scorpions glow in the dark

Scorpions glow in the dark. I don’t know if this fact is either creepy or awesome or both.

Scorpions are the creature of nightmares. Along with spiders and snakes, they rank as among the creepiest of creepy creatures on this third rock from the sun. Often used as a prop in intense scenes in B grade Hollywood movies, their stings can give quite a kick. But they are rarely deadly, with most species offering only a sting similar to an ant, wasp or bee.

Despite the fact that in most cases the sting delivered by a scorpion is relatively harmless, the stinger isn’t their only weapon. They also have two arms that stretch out in front of them that have claws, much like lobsters. In reality they can be best described as mother nature having a night on the bender then creating. She somehow mixed a spider with a wasp and a lobster. What was she thinking?

Without a doubt one of the coolest things about a scorpion is what happens to them when the lights go out, not that being a spider, wasp, lobster hybrid isn’t cool enough. You see, scorpions glow in the dark. But don’t expect to go outside and find them glowing away without a care in the world. That would be kind of dumb as every animal that eats them would be able to pick them off one by one. When placed under an ultra violet light a scorpion will glow in the dark. But why?

Why do scorpion glow in the dark?

Scorpions glow in the dark under ultra violet light because of the complex sugars and waxes that act as waterproofing compounds in the exoskeleton. 

If you get the opportunity to see this in action by using a black light leave a comment below, or send us a photo if you are able to, and we can publish it in this post if you are happy. We will find it rather interesting to share among those who find this extremely interesting.




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