Seinfeld Doesn’t Have a Superman in Every Episode

seinfeld superman every episode

Have you ever come across the totally believable claim that hidden in Seinfeld there’s a Superman in every episode somewhere? It’s so possible and plausible that it has become one of the most often quoted “facts” of hidden objects or references in television history. But is there any truth behind the claim that Seinfeld has a reference to Superman in every episode? In a disappointingly short answer, no. It’s a total fallacy with just a little hint of truth to set the rumor mill running. So what exactly was it that set this myth off?

To begin with, Seinfeld is reportedly a huge Superman fan. But is that enough to include a reference or object in every episode? Well, of course it is, and Seinfeld does include a Superman reference in nearly every episode, but not all. There are several episodes that don’t have anything at all to do with the caped crusader.

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