Are The Echidna’s balls Under Chin?

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echidna balls under chin

Are the echidna’s balls under its chin? When I first stumbled upon this factoid I instantly thought of Peter Griffin. Now fans of Family Guy will already know that the chin of Peter is pretty comical. How can we put it, his chin looks like a set of nuts on his face. While Peter Griffin certainly looks as though he has balls on his face, practically where they are supposed to be in an echidna, is it possible for an animal to have them located in such a ridiculous position? I mean, imagine if they were especially saggy and they accidentally ended up in your mouth.

It is of course possible for the family jewels to be located in unusual places. After all, Napoleons wiener is in New Jersey. But under the chin?

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to look around the net and find plenty of examples where it has been claimed that an echidna’s balls are under their chin. Many of the claims even show pictures of what appears to be two balls tucked neatly under the chin of an echidna. But just as with Peter Griffin, this isn’t exactly so. It seems as though assumption and ignorance can fool many people. But then again, it’s balls aren’t actually visible, which is probably where this myth all began.

If the echidna’s balls aren’t under its chin, where are they and what are those lumps?

What appears to be balls under an echidna’s chin is actually bone. Yeah, the people who thought that they were nuts in a nut sack never th ought of actually feeling them. The testes are located inside the abdomen near the kidneys. That’s a handy, hidden location away from danger. But one true thing about this creature that is native to Australia and New Guinea is the unusual wiener. The wiener of the echidna is four headed.


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