Semen Is Good for Your Teeth

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semen good for teeth


Have you ever wondered why porn stars have such glistening white teeth? Well, cue the gag reflex. Semen is good for your teeth. Men around the world can now begin to celebrate, but don’t get too carried away though, there’s tastier ways already available. So although semen is good for your teeth, and for your hair, the common product that you can find on supermarket shelves works just as well.

As we have already mentioned, men would be all too willing to help in their partners dental health needs. But performing fellatio in the hope it will provide positive benefits for your teeth by being applied directly to them is a little misguided. Sure, an external application wouldn’t cause any harm, but it’s not the way to accomplish healthy teeth using this method. To get the full benefits, you must swallow the stuff. Told you to cue the gag reflex.

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While semen is another alternative to brushing for healthy teeth, not too many people would be willing to give it a try, and for obvious reasons. At some point in using it for this purpose it’s going to have to touch your mouth. That’s a fact that can not be avoided. But if it really does provide something for the pearly whites, what exactly is it?

OK, here it is. Semen contains zinc and calcium which have been proven to prevent tooth decay. As an added bonus, semen also helps whiten your teeth, which is something that many tooth pastes don’t do. It’s wonder properties don’t end there. It has been used as invisible ink during WWI, in religious ceremonies in Papua New Guinea, and also it’s good for your hair.

So the next time you watch a porn film, divert your eyes to their teeth and hair. Chances are that they would be a brilliant white, and if you can pause it and zoom in, they may not have any cavities or fillings. Women like Lisa Sparks must have the best teeth and hair in the industry, possibly even the world, especially after her world record gang bang.

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semen good for teeth


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