Sperm Is Good For Hair

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sperm good for hair

Sperm is good for hair! Actually, this wonder component that around half the population posses has many beneficial properties that could possibly see a lot of men get laid.

As you may have possibly already read, sperm is good for your teeth. Many people may feel squeamish just at the thought of even touching sperm, but it’s an item that has so many great properties about it, that not to make use of it is near on criminal. It has been used as invisible ink, and it also has the ability to make your wife gain twenty pounds while also placing her period on hold for nine months. Is there anything else as powerful?

Convincing a man to jack off for a beauty treatment would hardly be one of the hardest tasks to commit to. Let’s face it, it’s better than blowing into a towel, right? Most men, especially men in their late teens or early twenties probably do it more than a few times a week anyway. Why not use what they produce? But before you do use it, we really must ask the obvious question. Why is sperm good for hair?

Why is sperm good for hair?

Sperm’s good for hair because of the many different compounds it contains. It actually contains well over 50 different ones, including hormones, zinc, calcium, fructose and amino acids. In fact, many of the things in sperm are also present in many commercially produced hair care products. But here’s the catch. Unlike shampoo and conditioners that are applied to the hair externally, to gain the most benefits hor your hair you really should ingest the product. Again, it wouldn’t be too hard finding a willing man to oblige.

If you’re thinking “no way, I wouldn’t put it in my mouth let alone on my head,” some hair salons are already doing it. To make matters all that worse for you, it doesn’t exactly come from a man either. Some hair salons are using bull sperm because it apparently strengthens the hair and promotes growth. But it doesn’t come directly from the bulls urethra. They boil a bulls testes down to a broth and apply an ounce to the hair treatment.




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