The Simpsons Movie: Banned In Burma

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Would you believe that The Simpsons movie is banned in Burma? It totally is, and it’s not for the reason that you are probably thinking, namely the infamous nude scene with Bart. The Simpsons movie is banned in Burma because of just two colors.

simpsons movie banned in burma

The long anticipated Simpsons movie was released quite a few years ago now, and instantly became a classic. From Spider Pig through to the full frontal nude scene with Bart, the movie presented several scenes that will be remembered for a long time to come. But overall it was a relatively tame movie, as far as animated films are concerned. It was definitely nothing like South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, or the animated shorts that make up Robot Chicken. But it still managed to raise the ire of the Burmese censors. Their problem with the movie? It contained yellow and red.

Oh my freaking God! Those insensitive bastards at Fox. How dare they make a movie with the awful combinations of colors that are yellow and red. I mean, what were they thinking? Yellow is of course, well, rather ordinary and not that offensive to be honest. That color itself is quickly becoming a hit in outdoor work that requires high visibility. Red on the other hand, well…. It can be seen as quite fashionable in the right mix of colors. So hang on. Is it Fox that has the problem or is it the censors?

OK, I admit it. When I first came across this fact I was really rather skeptical. It wasn’t until I really started to dig a little that it seemed true. Odd, yes, but true. So what could have been their problem?

Why was the Simpsons Movie banned in Burma?

If this were neighboring Thailand I’d almost instantly understand why it was booted from the cinemas of the country. In Thailand the main opposing political parties are known as the Yellow Shirts and the Red Shirts. Clearly displaying these colors on screen could have caused a just a little bit of political unrest. Particularly when Bart’s main shirt color is red. But that is Thailand, not Burma. To be honest, the officials have given no reason for the ban. Perhaps they just didn’t like the movie.

Even though that is a certain possibility, Burmese officials and the government are notorious for making decisions based on superstition. There was the really stupid law that said that all currency had to be divisible by nine. Now that’s a really hand number to just randomly pick from a hat. What not 3, 7, 4 or maybe even, I don’t know, 1? There was also the recent edict calling for the populace to grow a nut that will mute dissident Aung San Suu Kyi. All because his astrologer said it would work.

Regardless of the reason behind the Simpsons movie being banned in Burma, it is unlikely that many people in the country would have even had the opportunity to watch it.

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