Which Sex Talks More, Male Or Female?

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which sex talks more

I have a question that I wish to pose, but I’m a little hesitant as it could come across as being rather sexist. Do you know which sex talks more? Do men talk the most or is it women? You can now see my trepidation is asking this difficult question. I could really land myself into some hot water with such a topic. But thankfully I do have the answer, which may upset one of the sexes, however, I have the proof to back up the answer.

Which sex talks more?

Now this fact may seem sexist, or at the very least a little old fashioned but it appears to be true. The old stereotype that women can talk and talk and talk, almost about anything, while men like to stay quiet sits firmly in the mindset of many people. But a recent book published by a clinical psychiatrist seems to support the age old stereotype. It appears that women talk more, a lot more than men. On average a woman will speak around 20,000 words a day, while the average man will say only about 7,000 words. Over an average 16 hours a day spent awake that works out to 20.8 words per minute for a woman, and only 7.2 words per minute for men. To top this off, women also talk faster, sometimes twice as fast as men.

I will admit though. This fact about which sex talks the most does have some limitations. In a male dominated setting, such as at a bar or around a BBQ drinking beers, men can certainly manage to throw some words out. But in a more friendly women setting, such as around a cup of coffee or a night out for drinks, they too can manage to talk a lot. Then there are the statistical anomalies to contend with. I personally know of a man who, although he talks at a very steady pace, he can talk all day. And lets not forget Ted Cruz’s filibuster that went on and on and on.

While there are some people from both sides of the sex divide that will completely ruin this fact, the statistical average is that women do talk nearly three times as much as men. But let’s not make a big deal about this hey? Let’s just sit back and let women do all of the talking, that’s what the study showed after all.



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