Do Guys Prefer Blonde Or Brunette Hair?

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Do guys prefer blonde or brunette hair

Do guys prefer blonde or brunette hair? What do you think? It’s an age old question that has left many wondering, and even more speculating which hair color men prefer. While the most common preconceptions point to those with blonde hair being the outright favorite, the reality is the complete reverse. That’s right, it appears as though guys prefer brunettes over blondes.

In 1953 a movie starring Marilyn Munroe was released called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Long story short, Munroe’s character is a blonde gold digger looking for a wealthy gentleman husband. Her travelling companion, a brunette, is a more down to earth woman who takes a bigger interest in looks and athleticism. While the movie itself didn’t exactly settle the question of what the majority of men prefer, it raised a bit of a question.;

Following a recent poll of 2,000 men on social network site Badoo, it appears that the age old question of do guys prefer blonde or brunette hair has finally been resolved. The survey pointed to a quite definitive answer of brunettes. But it went much further than just asking what hair color was the most desirable. It also asked other questions about a womans looks.

The results of the survey, while certainly not a scientific and controlled study showed that 60 percent of of guys who participated had a preference for darker hair. But it also showed that the best and most desirable combination was a brunette who had blue eyes and was a UK size 14 (US 10). Gee, they really went into it didn’t they?

It really isn’t too difficult to see this in action either. A quick glance over mens magazines and websites regularly feature the hottest women of the year, always only celebrities. Each year the women are ranked, and they always show many more brunettes than blondes. But there is a possible explanation for this.

But could these figures be skewed a little by natural proportions? It is estimated that only about 2 percent of the entire worldwide adult population is naturally blonde. While on the other hand brunettes are by far and away the most dominant hair color. This is because brunettes encompass all hair colors from light brown up to almost completely black. Black hair is the most common hair color followed closely by brown. So given these figures could it be that the figures are a little off from where they would be if the percentages of blondes to brunettes was more evenly spread? Maybe, maybe not. We will never know.


do guys prefer blonde or brunette hair



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