How Fast A Sneeze Comes Out

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How Fast A Sneeze Comes Out

Achoo. Who hasn’t suffered at the hands of the dreaded sneeze? For some people it can be nothing more than the occasional case of the sniffles, but for others it can be the absolute doldrums. Hay fever sufferers especially cop the short end of the stick, sometimes being exposed to months long episodes of sneezing fits. But throughout all this sneezing, have you ever wondered how fast a sneeze comes out? It’s pretty fast, but not as fast as many common stated myths think.

It’s been reported that when you sneeze it can travel at speeds of 160km/h (100mph), and when you cough it will travel at around 100km/h (60mph). Those are some pretty quick speeds, especially for something that is being propelled from your mouth via your lungs. The truth is that it’s much slower. But not so slow that you would be able to out run it. In fact, a sneeze could very well receive a speeding ticket in built up areas in many places around the world.

How fast a sneeze come out of your mouth?

The next time you have a case of the sniffles you should try and get your hands on a police radar gun. Although the actual speed of a sneeze is much slower than the myths state, the average speed is around 65km/h (40mph) for a sneeze and even slower for a cough.

So that’s how fast a sneeze comes out. It’s not that 65km/h is slow, but it’s not quite the quoted 160km/h it’s apparently supposed to be. That would literally blow me away if it were true.




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