A Woman, Ania Lewiska, Plans To Have Sex With 100,000 Men

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Ania Lewiska sex 100,000 men
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Ania Lewiska, from Poland, plans to have sex with 100,000 men and set a new Guinness world record. That’s 100,000, as in one hundred thousand men. Could you just for a moment think about the logistics of such a feat? The time, expense and even the stickiness. Before we get too far into what could be best described as a disgusting world record attempt, let’s meet the girl herself.

Ania Lewiska, at the time of writing this, is a young woman, around 22 years of age from Poland. In 2013 she was out one night with some friends when the idea just came to her (see what we did there?). She said that she enjoys fun (who doesn’t), and she enjoys sex (again, who doesn’t?), so she thought that she would give it a try. I mean why not, it’s not like people would judge her or anything. So she decided to begin her gruesome and grueling quest to have sex with 100,000 men.

How quickly can Ania Lewiska complete her task of having sex with 100,000 men?

I just love numbers, they make the world so simple. This question all depends on her dedication to the task at hand, and availability of willing participants. Assuming she had sex at the same rate, uninterrupted, as Lisa Sparxx did when she had sex with 919 men in a single day, it would take her about 109 days. But that would require a lot of stamina, lubricant, and more than likely, burn aid. Not to mention that such a brief stint between her legs could easily be dismissed by the Guinness adjudicators. So she has set some reasonable limits to not only satisfy the judges, but also her insatiable appetite for men.

The time limits imposed on sexual conquests, if you wish to call them that, are a maximum of 20 minutes each. But she is willing to double the time if the man isn’t completely satisfied. So looking at those figures she allows for 10 minutes of foreplay, 8 minutes of post coitus relaxation, and two minutes, which is normally ample for many men, for the hanky panky. If she allows this much time for each sexual adventure, assuming she doesn’t rest, eat or sleep it will still take her three years and eight months to complete the task. So let’s spread things, not her legs this time, out a little.

Assuming that she started on her 21st birthday and had sex with eight men every day. Assuming that she didn’t take any rest from this record setting event it would take her 12,500 days, or over 34 years. So how has she fared thus far?

As of June 2014 she has managed to have sex with a staggering 5,000 men, all around the world. She has had a few setbacks along the way though, and one positive outcome too. While traversing through the Middle East she managed to raise more that the willies of some in many of the regions countries. For some reason, many of the secular, conservative countries around the region blacklisted her. I wonder why? But hey. There’s more than one country in the world, and she just continued on her merry way.

The second setback that she faced came early in 2014 when she was hospitalized. The reason was because of fatigue. She had literally f**ked herself into exhaustion. But this was only a minor setback, as the Middle East escapade was, and she has since continued her quest to have sex with 100,000 men, with one positive outcome. Through all her sex she has managed, with the help of dieting, to slim down from 82 Kg (180 lb) down to 53 Kg (116 lb). She has also managed to find sponsors for her quest along the way. But despite these minor setbacks and some positives coming out of it, what is she risking?

Apart from her reputation, she is placing her health at serious risk of harm. Obviously she would be smart enough to engage in safe sex, but even safe sex can fail, at alarming rates. The average rate in which condoms fails is about 18 percent. Not too high? Well 18 percent of 100,000 men means that she would have had unsafe sex about 18,000 times (still thinking of joining her list?). To make matters worse, that’s 18,000 different men, who could each have some form of VD, and pass it onto her. Then there’s the potential for pregnancies to interrupt her record attempt.

If and when Ania Lewiska completes her Guinness world record attempt for having sex with 100,000 men, we will be there to let you know. Don’t stay up late waiting to hear the news though, it will take a while.

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