The Fattest Woman Ever Recorded Was Carol Ann Yager

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The Fattest Woman Ever Recorded Was Carol Ann Yager

The fattest woman ever recorded was Carol Ann Yager who weighed 544 kg (1200 lbs), and measured between 4 and 5 feet (1.2 and 1.5 meters) in width at the time of her death, and that was after losing weight. It has been estimated that at one point in her life she weighed as much as 1600 pounds (727 kg). For a bit of a comparison, that’s as heavy as an average professional bucking bull on a rodeo circuit. While this is way beyond morbidly obese, it has failed to serve as a stern warning to others of the risks of excessive eating and sheer laziness. So how did the fattest woman ever recorded gain all of her weight?

This is uncertain, at best. According to Carol, she only ever ate normal quantities of food. However, she has also admitted to having an eating disorder due to being sexually abused by a family member when she was a child. She has also said that there have been other issues that have led to her eating disorder. While her own words were certainly unclear as to the cause of her excessive weight, one can surmise that it was a combination of excessively eating, particularly the wrong kinds of foods, and a lack of physical activity. After all, it’s rare to see a fat jogger. But it doesn’t end there. Even though Carol Ann Yager was the fattest woman ever recorded, she also holds another amazing record, something that she should be proud of, and something we should all commend her on.

Carol holds the record for the most weight lost by natural means. While most people, especially today, opt for surgical intervention with gastric banding and other methods, Carol managed to lose 236kg (521 lbs) in the shortest documented time of 3 months. All of that weight was lost naturally, by sheer determination, without surgical or medical intervention.

Carol died in 1994 at the age of 34 due to kidney failure. Clearly an avoidable death, and far too early.



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