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Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

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Write for Us and Earn

How would you like to earn some $$$ by writing for us? Would you like to know more?

We don’t pay you directly for the content. What we offer is the ability for you to place your own ad code into the post that you write for us from one of our approved networks, or by using affiliate banners (affiliate banners may be removed if they cause harm to the site). Of course, conditions apply (see below), for example no popups / unders and limits on number of ads. This method allows you to potentially earn significant, continuous revenue.

The ad networks we allow on our site are Google Adsense, Svorn, Chitika,, Adversal, Amazon Associates and Qadabra. If you already have an account you can proceed immediately. Signup with Qadabra here, which takes only 5 minutes. If you have an Adsense account we would recommend using that, but if you don’t have one, or haven’t been approved, use one of the others that have easy implementation. We recommend these networks due to their clean ads, high rates with Adsense and quick and easy approval.

The better you write your post, and the more popular it is, the more you will earn. Plus, you can write as many as you like, there’s no limits. There’s a how to video for the editor we use at the bottom of this page

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 How to get more from your article.
  • Go to and begin typing what you would search for. When the first predictive text appears relevant to your piece, use it is a relevant sentence in the title.
  • Use the same phrase in the first paragraph of the article, once or twice in the body, and once in the final paragraph. Don’t overdo it as your article will be penalized by search engines
  • If you upload an image use the same phrase as the alt text of the image. See second video for instructions, or leave it to us to do.
  • Write an article at least 200 words long. The longer the better, but ensure it stays on topic and remains interesting.
  • Once it has been approved, share, share, share.

Terms and conditions.

  1. By writing for us you agree to relinquish all rights over the content you create. It will become the property of
  2. You guarantee that the post is unique, and hasn’t been copied from elsewhere. This includes images. We suggest for peace of mind using a meme generator. If you choose not to use an image, we will insert one later.
  3. Your post must not be already present in another form on
  4. You will provide a link to a reliable source to support the fact or myth
  5. You are responsible for your own Adsense or Qadabra account.
  6. You agree that we ( accept no liability if your account is disabled by Google or Qadabra. Your account, your responsibility.
  7. You will place a maximum of 1 ad placements within the post if it is less than 150 words. 150 words plus can use 2 ad placements.
  8. You will not utilize popups or pop unders
  9. You will not use half page or 300 x 600 ad codes.
  10. Any problems with ad code implementation eg. ads not appearing, payments and so forth must be forwarded onto your ad network. We accept no responsibility for the ad networks.
  11. Google Adsense users must approve this site to earn revenue.
  12. You will write your post in English. Please ensure spelling and grammar are correct. We understand people make mistakes, and will correct anything as needed.
  13. You accept that there is no guarantee that we will approve your post if it doesn’t meet out requirements or specifications
  14. may remove any ad code at any time without warning. (Unlikely to happen)
  15. Unrealfacts may alter your post as we see fit to ensure it fits in with our site layout and content
  16. Unrealfacts may remove any user created content at any time without warning
  17. Unrealfacts makes no guarantee on your earning potential
  18. You may share your content anywhere you see fit. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Email and Reddit to boost your earnings.
  19. You agree not to spam. All spam will be deleted immediately
  20. You agree that ads from will still be visible
  21. may vary these terms at any time


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