10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Box Has 11 Nuggets

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10 piece chicken mcnuggets

The picture of the 10 piece Chicken McNugget box from McDonalds has 11 Chicken McNuggets on it. Count them for yourself on the box above.

However… As pointed out by a commenter, the two nuggets in the lower left corner of the stack are actually just one nugget that has been cut in half. If you look closely you can see that it is a straight cut line. There is, I’m assuming, chicken flesh visible on both pieces. So this begs the question, why would McDonalds cut a nugget clean in half, making the ten piece chicken McNugget meal appear to have eleven nuggets?

It all comes down to clever marketing. Have you ever looked at the menu board and compared your meal to the ones advertised on display? The one you are about to eat looks rather anorexic, and nowhere near as exciting. In fact, it doesn’t even look much like the same meal. The reason for this is art.

Food art to be precise. When McDonalds designs a burger, or any other item from their menu to appear as a display item, it’s not as straight forward as it would seem. They acually employ a food artist, whos job it is to cook and create the meal so that it looks appetizing.

When they work to make the meal artistic, the artist cooks any cooked portion to absolute perfection. No under cooking, or overcooking. They next have to ensure that all the ingredients are visible. Doing so pushes everything to the edge of the burger if it’s a burger, or in the case of nuggets, cut in half. This shows the customer what is being used in the meal, and also makes it look very inviting.

But back to the ten piece chicken McNugget meal that has, or looks like it has eleven nuggets. If I were to get a glass of beer and pour it into two glasses, would I have one or two beers?



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