13 Quick, but Little Known Fun Godfather Facts

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8 Why Was The Godfather Movie So Dark

Why Was The Godfather Movie So Dark

So if the oranges were only used to brighten up a dark set, why was the movie so dark? It wasn’t to try and portray the role of the Mafia as dark and evil. It was all about Marlon Brando. Specifically Marlon Brando’s makeup. The cinematographer was forced to use overhead lighting because of his makeup and decided to do the entire movie that way. Normally the lights face the actors head on, so they are better presented on film.

9 How Many People Died In The Godfather

How Many People Died In The Godfather

Don’t you love keeping count of death tolls? In movies it’s a fascinating thing to do, especially when they start to climb. But what about such a violent film that has the Mafia as the subject? Surely the toll of life can be very high.

Have you ever wondered what the body count was in the original Godfather movie? It was 18, including the horse. When compared to the death toll of first Rambo movie, this was very high.

10 The Executives Of The God Father Wanted A Different Cast

Executives Of The God Father Wanted A Different Cast

Before the Godfather went into production,  Francis Ford Coppola shot his own unofficial screen tests with Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Diane Keaton at his home. The producer wasn’t impressed with the results and insisted new official tests be done in a studio.

So they did. The studio spent $420,000 and ended up with the same cast.

11 Al Pacino Has A Real Life Connection With Corleone

Al Pacino Has A Real Life Connection With Corleone

As you know, Vito Corleone, who was played by Marlon Brando, emigrated from Corleone in Sicily. Actor Al Pacino’s maternal grandparents also emigrated from Corleone in Sicily. What a remarkable coincidence

12 John Marley’s (Jack Wolz) Scream Of Horror In The Horse Head Scene Was Real

John Marley's (Jack Wolz) Scream Of Horror In The Horse Head Scene Was Real

It’s a scene that has gone down in history books. The one in The Godfather where John Marley wakes to find the decapitated head of his horse in bed with him. The screams, look of horror and his reaction all seem so realistic. And there’s a good reason too. They were real.

The reason that John Marley’s screams and reaction is so real is because the horses head was real too. It’s just that nobody had told Jack that there was going to be a real horses head, which was obtained from a dog food company, in bed with him.

13 The Cat In The Godfather Was A Stray That Lived On Set

Cat In The Godfather Was A Stray That Lived On Set

At the very beginning of the film we get to see Vito Corleone holding and petting a pet cat while his daughter is getting married. It’s one of the more memorable images from the movie, and it may never have ever happened. The reason is that the cat that was part of the scene was never in the scriot, and was a stray that lived on set.

Francis Ford Coppola saw the cat one day and at the last moment decided to hand it to Marlon Brando to see how the scene panned out. After shooting it Coppola decided that it added something special to the scene and kept it in. But it did have one little drawback. The cats purring muffled some of Marlon’s lines, which had to be looped over.

Even though the cat was never part of the movie some have said that it represents hidden claws beneath The Don’s warm facade.


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