How Many People Has Rambo Killed?

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How Many People Has Rambo Killed

Rambo has been a popular and successful movie franchise. Initially released in 1982, the movie based upon a book has now spanned four movies. The first three were released during the 1980’s, with the last installment hitting the cinemas in 2008. Over the course of those four films Rambo has killed an immense number of people, but just how many people has Rambo killed? The numbers are frightening, and climb with every release.

Total number of people killed in Rambo films.

The total number of people killed in all Rambo films is a staggering 438. This includes both good and bad guys being killed. So lets break it down by movie.

Rambo part IV – released 2008

The fourth installment of Rambo has the highest death toll of any of the movies. Of the 438 people killed in all the movies, it grossed a total of 236 deaths. Of those, Rambo was responsible for 83 of those kills.

Rambo part III – released 1988

The third installment of the Rambo franchise saw him venture into Afghanistan to rescue his old commander, Colonel Trautman. This time the movie accounted for 132 total kills, with Rambo being responsible for 78 of them.

Rambo: First Blood part II – released 1985

When Rambo: First Blood part II was released it began with him serving time for his crimes in the first movie. He is released to perform a rescue of POW’s in Vietnam. Things didn’t go to plan, and there was plenty of blood to pay. In this movie there was a total of 69 people killed, with Rambo personally dispatching 58 to their graves.

Rambo: First Blood- released 1982

If you have been doing the sums you would have noticed something rather odd. In each new release of a Rambo movie the death toll climbs each time. Now go back over and add those numbers up. What’s left out of the 438 people killed? A solitary one. No mistakes made here, the first, and arguable best Rambo movie, Rambo First Blood had a death toll of only one person. That one person killed in Rambo First Blood was at the hands of Rambo, but was an accidental death, not intentional. Had the author of the book that the movie was based on had his way, it would have been different, with one more death that you can read about here.

How many people has Rambo killed?

This leaves us with the remaining question, how many people has Rambo killed? If you add up all of the deaths at his hands he finished off 220 of them, one being an accidental kill. But lets not forget his pre-movie tally. In the first movie it was revealed that he had a confirmed kill count of 59, bringing the total number of people killed by Rambo to 279! I wonder how many he will kill as a pensioner in the next release?



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