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15 Fun Entertainment Facts That Are out of This World

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3 Has Coyote Ever Caught Roadrunner?

Nearly all of us are, or were fans of the Roadrunner cartoons where the hapless Coyote forever tries to catch his next meal, the Roadrunner. Every chase always ended badly for the coyote. Yet regardless of the countless near death experiences he faced he never lost hope that he would one day catch the roadrunner. So did the coyote ever catch the roadrunner? The answer is yes. He caught him in a special episode that aired in 1980, some 31 years after the first episode called “Soup Or Sonic” directed by Chuck Jones. In the end he holds up a sign saying “Okay, wise guys – You always wanted me to catch him- Now what do I do?”.

In the episode the usual chase is ensuing. They both run through a series of pipes that get smaller and smaller before coming out the other side a fraction of their original size. They stop turn around and run back through. The Roadrunner exits first at his normal size, but when the Coyote exits he is still small. He stops at the Roadrunner and realises just how big he is now. He then holds up his sign.

Watch the special moment above.


4 The Muppets Had A Regular Spot On Saturday Night Live

muppets snl

Would you believe that the Muppets had a regular spot on Saturday Night Live during its first season? It does sound a little quirky at first, but let’s just say that you wouldn’t have found the polite and pleasant Kermit on this form of the show.

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