16 Totally Fascinating Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

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Well, here’s a topic about something that nearly everyone loves. Sex. Be it in the bedroom or the kitchen (make sure you clean the benches), sex is a wonderful experience. But behind the scenes there’s a lot going on. So in honor of the marvelous experience we have put together a fascinating list of sex facts you didn’t know.

1 Regular Condoms Are Too Big For Most Indian Men

regular size condoms too big

Leading our list of sex facts you didn’t know is the unfortunate experience that a lot of men, especially in India experience. Incorrect condom sizes.

I tried to make this a short post, but I felt the subject matter was short enough already. Did you know that regular size condoms are too big for most Indian men? No, I’m not being a racist, and I’m not trying to be a comedian either. I’m simply laying out the facts as they come. Depending on how you view this you may think it is funny or derogatory, but the simple fact of the matter is that it is a serious problem, and one that has been getting the attention of health organisations. What makes it a serious problem is poorly fitted condoms can lead to unwanted pregnancies, or even worse, sexually transmitted infections. So how exactly did they determine that regular size condoms are to big for most Indian men?

A two year study by the Indian Council of Medical Research found that for 60 percent of Indian men, the average length of their wiener is between three and five centimetres shorter than the international standard. The Council discovered this after carefully measuring the wieneres of over 1000 men, right down to the fraction of a millimetre. This becomes a major problem when wearing condoms. In India one in every 5 condoms either fall off or tear during use. This leaves a failure rate of 20 % compared to the international standard of 2 percent.You see, if regular size condoms are too big it would be like a size two trying to squeeze into a size 18 dress. There’s so much room it would likely fall straight off. Replace the dress with a condom, and the size two woman with an Indian wiener, and well you get the idea.

Doctor Chander Puri, who is a specialist at the Indian Council of Medical Research has said there is an urgent need for smaller locally based condoms. He has said he understands there would be a level or embarrassment associated with purchasing small condoms, so he has recommended the use of vending machines.

But there is no reason for Indian men, or men in general to be concerned about the size of their wiener. Just be honest with yourself and buy the correct size and remember, it’s not the quantity of what you have that matters, it’s how well you use.


2 There Is A Mineral Called Cummingtonite


If only some people could think things through, or at least had the benefit of hindsight. Along with a weird place name comes an odd name for a rock. Cummingtonite. Yep, that’s the name of this rather plain and ordinary looking rock. So what’s the deal with it? Were the people who discovered it and got to name it having a right royal good time in the bedroom, or were they just having a little bit of fun with a name? Not exactly. In fact, they were probably blissfully unaware of the rudeness of the name.

Cummingtonite is a mineral that is found in Scotland, South Aftrica, USA, New Zealand and Sweden. It was discovered in 1824 in the town of Cummington, Massachusetts, where it got its name from, surprisingly. It is a brittle and splintery mineral that has dark green, brown and grey undertones. It usually occurs in metamorphosed magnesium rich rocks but can also be found in some volcanic rock. And it’s also a fun thing to say.


3 The US Allows Free Adultographic Magazines For The Blind


Did you know that blind people read Playboy and other Adultographic magazines? Well, of course they do, right? But I do have a couple of questions? Why and how do people read Adult magazines?

It might surprise a lot of people to discover that Adultographic magazines actually have articles in them. I was also surprised to learn that there are still Adult magazines, what with the internet and all. And that’s what these magazines for the blind are for,  the articles, and that’s all the blind read them for.

The Library of Congress keeps braille copies of Playboy and other magazines for qualifying blind citizens and distributes them through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. These books don’t contain pictures though, just in case that’s what you were wondering. The reason they are available is because of the interest based articles these magazines contain. If only magazines that were approved that were family friendly or majority gender based, that doesn’t really cater for all walks of life. By making as many magazines of different content rating and genre available for the blind, they are catering for people from all walks of life.


4 Some People Don’t Go Through Puberty

Have you ever thought someone should grow up? It is possible they have Kallmann’s syndrome. It is a dysfunction of the endocrine system. The syndrome basically prevents the hypothalamus from producing Gonadotrip releasing hormones which you need to go through puberty.

Could you imagine going through life not developing sexually? It would be a frustrating and confusing situation to find yourself in. Everyone around you would start to find other people very interesting, hair would start to grow where there was no hair before, and other things would start to grow too. But not for you. You would be watching all of this happening around you, and waiting for your turn. But it would never come.

Of course, the big sexual changes to the body are the most recognizable, but there would be others. Many men wouldn’t gain body mass, and the reproductive system of females would never fully develop, making pregnancy almost impossible. But the condition can be treated.

As we have said, sufferers wont go through puberty and experience the changes the body goes through. It can be treated with hormone therapy, but it does have an odd side effect. Most sufferers of this rare condition who undergo hormone therapy usually tend to lose their sense of smell.


5 Some Doctors Don’t Believe There Is A G Spot

g spot facts

Most people have heard of the G spot in women, but the science isn’t final if it exists or not. In fact, there is a huge disagreement on several points about the fabled location.

Some doctors believe that the G spot is an organ of its own, with many nerve endings that make an climax even more powerful. Some doctors say it is actually just an extension of the clitoris, and because the clitoris has a plethora or nerve endings, the G spot is just an extension of the clit. But some doctors will simply say that it’s existence is yet unproven.


6 Pubic Lice Are In Declining Numbers

pubic lice declining

It’s a rare event when humans are capable of driving down the numbers of a pest. Sure, we succeed with so many beautiful animals, making plenty of them extinct nearly all of the time, but when it comes to pests and viruses out success rate is really pretty dismal. But we are unwittingly making head roads with crabs. Not the creatures of the sea, but the pubic kind.

Pubic lice are in declining numbers and it is all thanks to the popularity of Brazilian waxing. As you may be aware, when people are struck with head lice one of the best treatment methods that you can use is to remove all of the hair from your head. With no hair in which they can use as an environment, they will either vacate the afflicted person, or die. This is a similar thing that is happening with pubic lice. As more and more people of both sexes are opting for this simple beauty treatment, the lice are unable to find a welcome home, and are beginning to reduce in numbers.


But, if you shave or wax and want the little pests there is a solution

7 There Is A Pubic Wig

Just when you thought that there was already something for everything along comes this little thing. There is a wig for pubic hair! It goes on the nether regions and gives the appearance of having pubic hair.

It was originally used by prostitutes in an attempt to restrict the spread of STI’s and originated in the 1450’s. It was called a merkin.

They are used by removing hair from the genital area and placing it where the hair would normally be.

Merkins are still in use today, mainly in the film industry where they are used in period pieces, that is periods of time in history where a brazilian would not have been common place. They allow for more full frontal nudity to be shown without exposing the actors genitals and having a higher MPAA rating.


8 Health Benefits Of Sex For Males

health benefits of sex for men

Like most people, I can hazard a guess that you think sex can be good for you. Well it turns out that it can be, and if you’re a man it can be really good for you. So this time we will discuss the health benefits of sex for males.

Raise your hand if you don’t like sex. Didn’t think there would be anyone raising their hand. It’s a fantastic opportunity to not only express your love, appreciation and gratitude to the one you love in a purely primal and exotic fashion, but it has several health benefits. While these benefits may not be immediately noticeable, they can all add up to one very healthy outcome.

Now for the virgins among us, sex is one hell of a rough ride. It’s hot, sweaty and exhausting. It takes a lot of energy to complete the task, that until recently, has been absolutely necessary for the survival of the human race. Even though it feels absolutely bloody fantastic, it’s a hard job to accomplish. It requires a lot of physical exertion to do. But take it from me, the task is worth it. Not just for the fun, but because of the health benefits of sex for males.

So men and women take note, even though this is really only directed at men. If a man has sex at least once a week it can lower his risk of heart disease by 30%, diabetes by 40% and stroke by 50%. Evidence also suggests that if a man has an active sex life they are more likely to live past 80. A recent study has also revealed that men who climax, either by masturbation or sexual intercourse are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Part of the reason for these spectacular results is because a lot of energy is expended in the act of coitus. If a man has more sex he is using more energy that would have otherwise been stored as fat in his body. In short, more sex results in a fitter and healthier partner for the woman. It’s something that both people in the relationship can be proud of.

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