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Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

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16 Totally Fascinating Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

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Well, here’s a topic about something that nearly everyone loves. Sex. Be it in the bedroom or the kitchen (make sure you clean the benches), sex is a wonderful experience. But behind the scenes there’s a lot going on. So in honor of the marvelous experience we have put together a fascinating list of sex facts you didn’t know.

1 Regular Condoms Are Too Big For Most Indian Men

regular size condoms too big

Leading our list of sex facts you didn’t know is the unfortunate experience that a lot of men, especially in India experience. Incorrect condom sizes.

I tried to make this a short post, but I felt the subject matter was short enough already. Did you know that regular size condoms are too big for most Indian men? No, I’m not being a racist, and I’m not trying to be a comedian either. I’m simply laying out the facts as they come. Depending on how you view this you may think it is funny or derogatory, but the simple fact of the matter is that it is a serious problem, and one that has been getting the attention of health organisations. What makes it a serious problem is poorly fitted condoms can lead to unwanted pregnancies, or even worse, sexually transmitted infections. So how exactly did they determine that regular size condoms are to big for most Indian men?

A two year study by the Indian Council of Medical Research found that for 60 percent of Indian men, the average length of their penis is between three and five centimetres shorter than the international standard. The Council discovered this after carefully measuring the penises of over 1000 men, right down to the fraction of a millimetre. This becomes a major problem when wearing condoms. In India one in every 5 condoms either fall off or tear during use. This leaves a failure rate of 20 % compared to the international standard of 2 percent.You see, if regular size condoms are too big it would be like a size two trying to squeeze into a size 18 dress. There’s so much room it would likely fall straight off. Replace the dress with a condom, and the size two woman with an Indian penis, and well you get the idea.

Doctor Chander Puri, who is a specialist at the Indian Council of Medical Research has said there is an urgent need for smaller locally based condoms. He has said he understands there would be a level or embarrassment associated with purchasing small condoms, so he has recommended the use of vending machines.

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