Messy Beds Are Healthier For You

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messy beds are healthier

Messy beds are healthier for you than a neatly made bed. It appears as though laziness in the bedroom upkeep may actually be beneficial to you. It actually has nothing to do with saving time, sprains, strains or pulling muscles. It’s all to do with dust, in particular, dust mites.

Dust mites are an arthropod. Sometimes thought to be an insect, they actually have eight legs, where insects have six of them. They are in the order of arachnida, falling under the same family umbrella as scorpions, spiders and crabs.

How is it that unmade, messy beds are healthier?

As with bacteria that thrive on warm and moist conditions, dust mites, a tiny microscopic insects, also perform quite well. When you make a neat bed it more efficiently traps the moisture and warmth. Which as you can guess, the mites love. Having an almost eternally messy bed has the opposite effect, and they more than hate it.

By leaving your bed messy and unmade as opposed to making it after a nights rest, you’re doing your health a favour. A messy bed produces a dryer and cooler environment, which dust mites hate. They hate it so much that they actually dehydrate and die.

If you’re wondering why dead dust mites in your bed is a good thing we will quickly explain. Dust mites can cause numerous health problems. Some are minor nuisances, while others can be deadly. Some of the conditions that they can cause are hay fever, allergies and asthma. While the first two of these usually only produce minor annoyances, asthma is potentially life threatening. So any measure to protect yourself from an asthma attack is a good one

So the next time your mother tells you to make your bed you can tell her that messy beds are healthier, and you’re actually looking out for your health. See, laziness can be good for you. Your argument is invalid.


messy beds are healthier


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