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21 Amazing Nasa and Astronaut Facts That Are Unreal

6 amazing and mind blowing astronaut facts, and facts about NASA in space. From the crazy to the brilliant, these cool facts will be with you every time you gaze up at the stars. Now set forth and enjoy these NASA and astronaut facts.

1 NASA Had A Peanuts Space Station

peanuts nasa space station

Do we have any fans or former fans of the Peanuts comic strip among us here today? That’s great. But even if you were never a fan of the comic strip and cartoon series boy do we have some news for you. Did you know that there was a Peanuts NASA space station? Well, not exactly a space station, but it certainly was a space module with human occupants, so it kind of was a space station. Despite this, there really was a Peanuts NASA space station, and who would have ever thought that the geeks at NASA would name a space station after a couple of comic book characters?

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