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Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

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21 Amazing Nasa and Astronaut Facts That Are Unreal

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6 amazing and mind blowing astronaut facts, and facts about NASA in space. From the crazy to the brilliant, these cool facts will be with you every time you gaze up at the stars. Now set forth and enjoy these NASA and astronaut facts.

1 NASA Had A Peanuts Space Station

peanuts nasa space station

Do we have any fans or former fans of the Peanuts comic strip among us here today? That’s great. But even if you were never a fan of the comic strip and cartoon series boy do we have some news for you. Did you know that there was a Peanuts NASA space station? Well, not exactly a space station, but it certainly was a space module with human occupants, so it kind of was a space station. Despite this, there really was a Peanuts NASA space station, and who would have ever thought that the geeks at NASA would name a space station after a couple of comic book characters?

We all know, or probably should know, that Peanuts is a comic book featuring two main characters. They are Charlie Brown and Snoopy, a beagle. The comic strip, and cartoon series is the most successful comic that has ever gone to print, running for over 50 years. Although the series originally never had a lead character, over time the creator of the strip began to focus first on Charlie Brown, and then to a lesser extent, Snoopy. In one episode f the strip, they go into space. The Peanuts story is titled “NASA Space Station.” But perhaps they were just revisiting real events.

I bet you never knew a space craft was named after a couple of comic strip characters. Apollo 10’s command module was called Charlie Brown and the lunar module was called Snoopy. Apollo 10 was the dress rehearsal for the next manned space mission, the one that saw Neil Armstrong andBuzz Aldrin walk on the moon. Apollo 10 approached to within 8 miles of the surface of the moon in May 1969. Not only were the command and lunar modules named after Peanuts, the space craft also set the record for the fastest speeds ever for a manned vehicle at 39,897 km/h (11.08 km/s or 24,791 mph).

Another interesting note worth mentioning, Peanuts seems to be en overwhelmingly popular theme at NASA. Not only was there a Peanuts NASA space station, Snoopy is also the astronauts personal safety mascot.

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