5 Spectacular Modern Family Fun Facts

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1 Jesse Tyler Ferguson Had To Come Out Three Times

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Had To Come Out Three Times

Leading off in our five Modern Family fun facts is the awkward story of Jesse Tyler Ferguson coming out to his father. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell in the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family, revealed in a 2010 interview that he was the inspiration for his character having to continually come out to his father Jay. Ferguson revealed that he had to come out to his real life father three times before he would believe him. When he told the shows writers about it they thought it was funny and decided to add it to Mitchell’s back story . Apparently his real life father just couldn’t process the information, which in times gone by was normal.


2 Phil Dunphy’s Ipad Birthday Confusion

Phil Dunphy’s Birthday ipad

Here’s a little confusion for you, and eagle eyed viewers might just have picked it up. Phil Dunphy celebrates his birthday on either April 3 or 30. The reason for this date confusion is because in one episode Phil says ‘The iPad comes out on my actual birthday, it’s like Steve Jobs and God got together to say “We love you, Phil”‘. The reason it is either the 3rd of April or the 30th of April is because that is the US release dates of the original iPads.

The WiFi version of the Ipad was released on April 3, and the WiFi + 3G version was released on April 30 of the same year. However, if Phil was referring to the initial release date of the Apple gadget, you could pretty confidently ssay that his birthday is on April 3.


3 Nolan Gould Is A Member Of Mensa

Nolan Gould Is A Member Of Mensa

How would you describe Luke Dunphy? Would you describe him as being a good little boy who is as sharp as a tac, or as a mischievous little trouble maker who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed? Many people would go for the latter. But would you believe that the actor who plays Luke, Nolan Gould is a member of Mensa?

You know there are smart people, and then there are very smart people. These are the ones who have the ability to not only solve the unsolvable, but do it with what looks like relative ease. Many of them seem a little odd on the exterior, but as the saying goes, “smart people look like weird people to dumb people,” however, this could be explained away because their brains are in an almost constant mode of thought. Just as a fat person craves food, they crave information. The really smart people, such as Nolan Gould, can gain membership of Mensa.

Mensa is the largest high IQ society in the world, and membership is not easy to attain. Yet if you can prove that you have the ability to join, membership is granted. And this is what makes Nolan Gould’s membership of Mensa so amazing. He has been a member of Mensa since he was only four years old.

When he was only 13 he graduated High School and started attending university. All this while still acting in Modern Family. Well done Nolan.


4 Cam And Mitchell’s Daughter Is Played By Twins

 Cam And Mitchell’s Daughter Is Played By Twins

The daughter of gay couple Cam and Mitchell, Lily, is actually played by twins in the first 2 seasons. The twins are Jaden and Ella Hiller. The twins are not given screen credits for their roles. The reason that twins are used when filming is because of the grueling demand of filming. Many very small children, such as babies and toddlers can find it exhausting and very intimidating. Splitting the duties between a set of twins make for a cleaner, and easier job of filming.

To throw a spanner into the works, it turns out that their daughter may have been attained illegally. Cam and Mitch revealed that they adopted their daughter from Vietnam. Tye problem is that Vietnam hasn’t legalized single or same sex parents to adopt children. Awkward.


5 Britney Spears Was Offered A Role On Modern Family

britney spears modern family

Maybe there is a God. During season 3 of hit ABC comedy Modern Family, Britney Spears was reportedly offered a role on the show. Now, for a has been superstar whose career desperately needed a shot in the arm,  this kind of exposure could have opened new doors or maybe even rekindled the publics interest in the singer. But as we all know, she was never on the show. SO what gives?

Britney Spears was never given the role on Modern Family because by the time her people had replied to the offer, the producers had completed the plans for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately for Spears, they didn’t include her at all. But while she may have been offered a role, and the reply came very late, it was not revealed if she acceopted the offer. There’s a very strong chance that she rejected it, instead focusing on a career around paparazzi attention.


Britney Spears may star on Modern Family

We hope you enjoyed our five Modern Family fun facts.


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