6 Amazing Celebrity Facts You Didn’t Know

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Brace yourself for 6 of the most amazing celebrity facts you didn’t know. Not only are these the best celebrity facts you didn’t know, but they are facts that you should know. So sit back, or crouch over your mobile phone and enjoy some of the glory that are celebrities. Oh, and when you are done, please hit the share button. Thanks.

1 Steve Buscemi Volunteered With The Firefighters After 9/11

Steve Buscemi Volunteered With The Firefighters After 9/11


Before Steve Buscemi went into acting and became famous, he was a firefighter in New York. That’s a pretty impressive resume, and if you are like most people you’d respect people who risk their own life for others. But a career in firefighting wasn’t where Steve Buscemi was heading. He wanted to be an actor. However, once a firefighter, always a firefighter.

The day after 9/11 Steve Buscemi returned to his old fire department, FDNY Engine 55, and volunteered to help in any way possible. He helped out around the department and even went to the WTC site and hand picked his way through the rubble. He worked 12 hour shifts alongside his fellow firefighters, and all for free.

Now if anyone is thinking that he was only after a bit of good publicity to further his career, think again. He refused to allow any photos to be taken and tried to keep his role as low key as possible. He thought any focus on his volunteer work would be a distraction to the other firefighters, and the emergency work needed at the time.

Bonus fact: In 2003 he was arrested while protesting the closure of his former firehouse.


2 Pamela Anderson Is Canada’s Centennial Baby

Pamela Anderson Is Canada’s Centennial Baby

Some people are literally born into celebrity status. Take Pamela Anderson for instance. Most people would have only heard of her name after she became famous on Bay Watch. Probably more famous for her figure, breasts and then intimate moment caught on tape than for her acting ability. But a lot of people, mainly Canadians, would have heard of her about 25 years earlier. And that’s because Pamela Anderson is Canada’s centennial baby. So what exactly is a centennial baby, and why is Pamela Anderson Canada’s centennial baby?

Pamela Anderson, born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada at 4:08 am PST on the 1st July 1967, was the first baby born on that day in Canada. That day was also the centenary of Canada’s Confederation, hence Pamela Anderson is Canada’s Centennial baby.


3 Charlie Chaplin Didn’t Win A Charlie Chaplin Look-a-Like Contest

charlie chaplin look alike

One of the earliest movie mega stars would have to be British actor Charlie Chaplin. He was undoubtedly the king of the silent screen. As a consequence of his fame Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contests began popping up, and there were a lot of them. Even Adolf Hitler modeled his infamous mustache after Chaplin’s. But it was during an impromptu visit to a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest that saw the unthinkable happen. Charlie Chaplin lost a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest.

There have been several reports that Chaplin participated in Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contests in Europe and didn’t win, but none of these claims can be verified. However, he did participate in one, in a theater in San Francisco.  and he didn’t even make the finals! Charlie Chaplins finishing position in the contest is not known.

Surprisingly though, a young Bob Hope even won a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest.

4 George Takei Urged Star Wars And Star Trek Fans To Unite Against Twilight Fans

george takei twilight fans

George Takei is an American actor made famous from his role in as Sulu in sci-fi’s Star Trek franchise. He recently urged feuding fans of Star Trek and Star Wars to unite for a common cause. But what could it be?

It has been a constant battle, a bit like Luke’s struggle with the dark side of the force, between fans of Star Wars and Star Trek as to which sci-fi franchise is the better. While I have my own opinion on this subject, I think it is best not to open a debate about it here.

George Takei weighed in on the debate himself. He suggested that the disagreeing fans unite against one common cause. The cause was of course Twilight. George suggested that the fans set aside their differences and challenge the one “ominous threat to all science fiction.”

He certainly knows how to express his own opinion on Twilight. He called it “really, really bad,” and that the entire galaxy should unite against “vampires that sparkle, and moan, and… Go to high school.” Now that is expressing yourself.

Here are some more interesting facts about George Takei.

  • An asteroid between Mars and Jupiter has been renamed 7307 Takei in his honor.
  • He guest-starred on an episode of Mission: Impossible, but it was in the first season, so he didn’t get to work with Leonard Nimoy or Peter Graves.
  • He provided the voice for Lok Durd in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, making him the first actor from Star Trek to appear in the Star Wars franchise.
  • He was also the first cast member to attend a Star Trek convention in South America.


5 Robin William’s Pay For The Genie In Aladdin Caused A Rift With Disney

celebrity facts you didn't know

By 1992, Robin Williams star was well and truly rising. He had found success not only on television, but also on the big screen. His role in Good Morning Vietnam found critical acclaim. That’s why Disney struck gold when they got Robin Williams to provide the voice of the Genie in Aladdin. When we say that Disney struck gold, we mean Disney struck gold. At that time Williams could have demanded practically any fee he wished, but in a moment of gratitude to Disney for his success in Good Morning Vietnam, he did it for next to nothing. The fee Williams got for voicing the Genie in Aladdin was for the Screen Actors Guild scale, which was $75,000. Now for most of us we would be happy to accept that kind of pay, but for a talented and famous comedian such as Williams it was peanuts. So if he accepted the low payment why did his Aladdin role end up causing a rift with Disney?

Well, Disney is in the business of making money, and sometimes to make money you have to go back on agreements. This is the scenario that unfolded post production. The agreement reached between Williams and Disney was that his name and image could not be used for marketing purposes, and his characters image could not occupy more than 25% of poster space. One of the reasons he didn’t want his name or image to appear in marketing material is because his movie, Toys was due for release only one month later. You have to remember Williams could have asked for millions in return for his voice over work, but instead settled for less in exchange for a few conditions. Disney made a decision to go back on the deal made with Williams, in both instances, and this infuriated him.

Robin Williams and Disney had a major falling out. This can be noticed in The Return of Jafar and the Aladdin animated television series when the voice of the Genie was provided by Dan Castellaneta of The Simpsons fame. When the sequel of Aladdin, Aladdin and the King of Thieves went into production the rift was still apparent and Castellaneta provided the voice for the Genie. Ill feelings were soon to come to an end.

When Joe Roth left 20th Century Fox to head Disney he organized for a public apology to be made to Williams. One of the last acts Roth done while working for Fox was to give the green light to another or Williams successful movies, Mrs Doubtfire. The public apology made things smooth over so much that Robin Williams agreed to provide the voice of the Genie for Aladdin and the King of Thieves, replacing all of the recordings that Castellaneta had already made. This time however, he settles for a much bigger pay packet.


6 Brad Pitt Was A Chicken Mascot For One Of His First Roles

brad pitt chicken mascot

What was that? Did we just say that one of Brad Pitt’s first roles was a chicken mascot? we sure did, but how could a person of such celebrity status be forced into doing something so demeaning? I mean, that’s not the kind of job you give a hunk. You give nerds and socially awkward teens who desperately need money jobs like that. Well, although he certainly was there in the hunk department, he really did need the money.

Before Brad Pitt was the mega star and savior of starving children from third world countries, he was a struggling wannabe actor. to supplement and support his acting ambitions, he took up ANY job that would help him fulfill his dream. Even if the jobs were humiliating and a little less desirable.

Some of the jobs that Brad Pitt had during his early acting career included a refrigerator mover, which obviously helped him maintain his physique, driver for male strippers, and most famously as a chicken mascot for el Pollo Loco. It was during these years that he got small roles in commercials and uncredited roles in movies such as hunk and guy at fight. Sure, he was getting on film, but who notices the guy in the background?

His first chance in a feature film came when he starred in a movie called “The Dark Side of the Sun.” It was filmed in the Balkans, but before it was released was broke out, and nearly every copy was destroyed. For the time being he had to wait.

It wasn’t until he got a role as a drifter in the cult classic, and massively successful movie, Thelma and Louise that he got the break that he was waiting for. Once he was noticed in that film opportunities came knocking, thick and fast. But instead of taking the easy road and using his looks to get roles, he took on more challenging roles, cementing himself as one of Hollywood’s leading men.

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We hope you enjoyed these celebrity facts you didn’t know, but now do. Keep on browsing our site for more great facts.


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