Breast Facts: 8 Awesome and Cool Things You Will Love to Know

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Alright, I think it’s time for one of my favorite subjects. Breasts. So I thought I would compile a list of breast facts, 8 awesome breast facts that I’m sure that you will love. If you are a man or a woman, I’m sure that there are some unusual things in this list that will surprise you. Now go forth and discover this list of breast facts: 8 awesome and cool things you will love to know.

1 Squeezing Breasts Could Prevent Cancer Study Finds

Good news guys, squeezing breasts could prevent cancer. Is this the news men the world over have been waiting to hear? It sounds like a perfectly reasonable argument to put forward when trying to grope your partner, but is there any truth to it? Yes there is, and we’re not kidding either. By squeezing your partners breasts you could potentially be saving your partners life. Well that’s the findings of a study conducted by UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

How does squeezing breasts prevent breast cancer?

According to the professionals, by squeezing breasts and applying mechanical forces to the breast tissue, it can help prevent cancer cells from developing. Not only that, but it can apparently also put a stop to cancer growth, and also prevent cells from turning malignant. What’s amazing about implementing this technique is that the genetic mutations responsible for malignancy remain, but the cancer cells are stopped in their tracks. But it’s not an overnight treatment regime. It needs to be conducted over a long period of time, and eventually the compressed malignant cells grow into more normal looking cells.

It’s worth noting however that squeezing breasts alone won’t prevent cancer. Some have suggested developing and using compression bras, but the researchers clearly note that compression therapy by itself is not a viable or trustworthy treatment option for women. But this study has provided insights into future treatment options for breast cancer.

If you’re a guy reading this right now, it still can’t hurt trying. Perhaps squeezing breasts could actually prevent cancer by itself. If not, it’s still fun.


2 The World’s Largest Natural Breasts Are Size 102ZZZ

2 The World’s Largest Natural Breasts Are Size 102ZZZ

Would you believe that the world’s largest natural breast size is a staggering 102ZZZ. That is not a radio station that you can tune into, but one woman’s naturally massive breasts. These breasts are so massive in size they would make many flat chested women stare in envy to have just ten percent of their humongous volume.

When it comes to things big most men would agree that one of the items on the list should be breasts. Although not all men like large breasts, it can be safely assumed that the vast majority of men enjoy large knockers, at least to look at that is.  But as most of already know, it’s not only men who prefer larger breasts. Many women also wish for bigger ones, and if they have the money and courage, will undergo surgery to make their bosoms several cup sizes larger. Sometimes they tend to go overboard, such as the holder of the world’s largest breasts implants, Sheyla Hershey, who went from a natural B cup to a 38MMM. However, some women do not, and should not even consider trying for an upsize, just because they are already big enough already. This is the case for the woman with the largest natural breast size of 102zzz.

The holder of the world’s largest natural breasts is a woman by the name of Annie Hawkins-Turner, otherwise known as Norma Stitz. She chose the stage name of Norma Stitz because it’s a play on the words, enormous tits. Get it?

Norma Stitz world record setting natural breasts are caused by a condition known as gigantomastia, which is a slow but steady growth of breast and fat tissue. While it is a natural condition that is relatively rare, t=I could imagine that the pain associated with these huge knockers could be agonizing. The weight would cause pain for her back, chest, neck and breasts too. Want to know her measurements?

Her sizes? Her chest measures 70 inches (177.8 centimeter) and each breast weighs 56 pounds (25 kg).


3 Women Pay To Have Their Breasts Slapped In Thailand, And It’s Called Breast Slapping Therapy

breast slapping treatment

Yep, that’s right. In Thailand women pay strangers to slap their breasts. But why would anyone ever want to do such an add thing? Is some sort of sadomasochism desire, or a sick and twisted fantasy? It’s actually neither.

Would you believe that in Thailand, women pay to have their breasts slapped to make them appear bigger? This is true. Breast slapping therapy, which can cost up to $600, is said to move fat from one area to another and make the breasts larger. But does it work, or is it an old wives tale?

A study into breast slapping treatments conducted by the Thai government found that women who underwent the program showed significant increase in bust size. While many in the health profession doubt the treatment works, there’s no shortage of Thai women willing to try this natural therapy over breast augmentation surgery. And when you think about, it’s non invasive, and has a low risk of infection. But it would be painful.

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4 There Are Four Types Of Nipple In Breasts

How is it possible that there are four different types of nipplein breasts? After all, everyone has them and they are basically the same, right? Well not exactly. As with belly buttons which can have inward and outward ones, nipple also vary, but in more ways.

The four different types of nipples on breasts

The first type of nipple is also the most common. It’s called the normal nipple. It protrudes a few millimeters from the areola, but when aroused, or exposed to temperature changes or physical stimulation, will protrude a few millimeters more.

The second type of nipple is known as a flat nipple. They are just as their name describes, flat. They bled into the areola and will protrude a little, but not as much as a normal nipple when stimulated in some way. A flat nipple also has the ability to become a normal nipple during breastfeeding.

The third type of nipple is called a puffy nipple. These nipples have many characteristics of a flat nipple, but the areola itself is raised up off the breast.

The fourth kind of nipple is the inverted one and come in different degrees of severity. As the name implies, an inverted nipple points in on itself. Although inverted nipples pose no health issues, a person with a grade 3 inverted nipple will find it impossible to breastfeed. Grade one and two inverted nipples can still feed a baby, but it can pose some challenges.

Some people can also posses a combination of inverted and not inverted nipple. This is known as a being unilateral. It will look as though the nipples are winking at you.

While some people may feel as though their nipples are not normal because of what they have seen in Adultography and so forth, you can rest assured that hundreds of millions of others all around the world will have a pair just like yours.


5 Bras Make Breasts Sag

Bras Make Breasts Sag

For generations bras have been touted as a wonder invention that provide women with life and support. And with the invention of the Wonderbra, added cup size. But what if I were to tell you that all that was bogus, except the part about the Wonderbra? Those things have been telling lies for a very long time. Would you believe me? Well I think you better, because bras make breasts sag.

No, this isn’t some outlandish claim designed to free the tatas. It’s the result of a very long and extensive, albeit controversial study into the effects that wearing a bra has on a woman’s breasts.

French Scientist, Jean-Denis Rouillon, spent 15 years studying breasts and bras, and came to the conclusion that bras make breasts sag. Of course this flies in the face of conventional wisdom, and something that women have been told for generations. So how did he come about such results?

This scientists was very meticulous, and patient. He studied 130 women over the course of these 15 years, getting all of the women to go with =out a bra for varying lengths of time. Sometimes it would be a few days, a few weeks, or even a few years at a time. During this time he would take careful measurement of the breasts using calipers and a slide rule. During the measurement taking he would also ask a series of questions, such as do they experience back pain or did they any restrictions during the day. In most cases it was a loss for the bra wearing women.

He concluded that women do not need bras, and bras make breasts sag. He believes that a bra causes the skin, muscles and breast tissue to weaken over time. When not wearing a bra all of these tissues are actually improved. But he has warned that his findings are not conclusive.

Jean-Denis Rouillon warns that even though his study used 130 women, it was only a small sample, and the health effects of not wearing a bra are not fully known. In fact, in previous research it has been proven that women who do not wear a sports bra while exercising can cause damage to the breast tissue and ligaments, which can be irreversibly stretched.


6 Your Income May Affect Your Preferred Breast Size

Big reveal here. Men like breasts. They like them so much that they rate pretty well above most things that men like. But just with all things in the world, the taste between men varies, and for breasts there is no exception. Some men like big breasts , while others like small breasts, and some men like medium sized breasts . What you may not realise is that your preference in cup size may have a lot to do with the amount of income you produce.   Further more, the type of men you think would parade around with the buxom ladies as a trophy are the ones less likely to be interested in such curvaceous women. What does this mean? For men, preferred breast size is reflected in your income.

In a study conducted recently using 266 men from different socioeconomic backgrounds, it was found that men who earned less preferred big breasted women. To the researchers surprise, the breast size trended down when the income went up. The study was conducted using 5 women of differing bust sizes. Each man was asked to judge the attractiveness of each woman on their breasts alone. At the conclusion of the study it was found that poorer men had a distinct preference for insanely large breasted women. Middle income earners liked medium sized breasts, and the wealthy judged the itty bitty titty committee as the most attractive of all. But the research revealed more than they initially set out to discover.

Following the results of the study, the researchers decided to conduct another test on bust size. This time it was to determine if hunger played a determining factor in preferred breast size. The study showed that the hungrier a man, the larger a breast he preferred.

So that should mean that a poor hungry man would find Sheyla Hershey’s massive 38MMM breasts irresistible.


7 Breastfeeding Can Be Used As Birth Control

Apart from breastfeeding being natural and offering many benefits for both the mother and baby it can also act as an all natural birth control method. That’s right. Breastfeeding is a natural birth control method. While the only guaranteed methods of 100 percent birth control is either abstinence or removal of the reproductive organs, women who breastfeed solely in the first six months have a 98% chance of not falling pregnant. That is almost as effective as the use of other man made methods.

Other benefits of breastfeeding are, the milk contains antibodies, reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer later in life, it is free and always available, helps return to pre-pregnancy weight faster and lowers risk of obesity. The children of women who breastfeed often have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and perform better in intelligence tests. Apart from all of these benefits, baby formula is made from animal milk, meant for animals, and breast milk is made of people milk, meant for people.


8 Breasts Change Size

breast facts 8 awesome

I bet the women above who undergo the torturous breast slapping knew this sweet little fact. Breasts change size all of the time. And we literally mean all of the time. One day they can be one size, a month later they can be another size, which culd prove to be a problem when buying a bra.

What many women may not know is that their breasts can actually grow on a daily basis. Under many conditions, this growth is hardly noticeable, but during their period they can grow by as much as a full cup size. This is because the body produces more of the hormones progesterone and prolactin during this time. These hormones are responsible for swelling in the breasts. But it’s not only during these times that breasts will grow.

As any mother or expecting mother will know, breasts grow during pregnancy, and a lot. A lot happens to the body when a woman gets pregnant, and breasts tissue changes are one of them. But there are even more ways in which a breast can grow naturally.

Some breast experts claim that brreasts can grow by up to 25 percent during intense periods of sexual arousal.

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