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Breast Facts: 8 Awesome and Cool Things You Will Love to Know

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Alright, I think it’s time for one of my favorite subjects. Boobs. So I thought I would compile a list of breast facts, 8 awesome breast facts that I’m sure that you will love. If you are a man or a woman, I’m sure that there are some unusual things in this list that will surprise you. Now go forth and discover this list of breast facts: 8 awesome and cool things you will love to know.

1 Squeezing Breasts Could Prevent Cancer Study Finds

Squeezing Breasts Could Prevent Cancer

Good news guys, squeezing breasts could prevent cancer. Is this the news men the world over have been waiting to hear? It sounds like a perfectly reasonable argument to put forward when trying to grope your partner, but is there any truth to it? Yes there is, and we’re not kidding either. By squeezing your partners breasts you could potentially be saving your partners life. Well that’s the findings of a study conducted by UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

How does squeezing breasts prevent breast cancer?

According to the professionals, by squeezing breasts and applying mechanical forces to the breast tissue, it can help prevent cancer cells from developing. Not only that, but it can apparently also put a stop to cancer growth, and also prevent cells from turning malignant. What’s amazing about implementing this technique is that the genetic mutations responsible for malignancy remain, but the cancer cells are stopped in their tracks. But it’s not an overnight treatment regime. It needs to be conducted over a long period of time, and eventually the compressed malignant cells grow into more normal looking cells.

It’s worth noting however that squeezing breasts alone won’t prevent cancer. Some have suggested developing and using compression bras, but the researchers clearly note that compression therapy by itself is not a viable or trustworthy treatment option for women. But this study has provided insights into future treatment options for breast cancer.

If you’re a guy reading this right now, it still can’t hurt trying. Perhaps squeezing breasts could actually prevent cancer by itself. If not, it’s still fun.

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