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8 Odd Religious Facts You Didn’t Know

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Time for 8 quick but handy to know religious facts that you probably didn’t know. Even if you aren’t that religious, this list is sure to have something weird that you didn’t know.

1 There Was No Year Zero

No Year Zero

Did you know there was no year 0? This is because the current system of our calendar, the Gregorian Calendar went from 1BC to 1AD. But why, babies aren’t one when they’re born?

This has to do with the basis of the calendar being religious in nature and forming itself from the birth of Jesus Christ. Before his birth we were living in BC, before Christ. Every year before his birth goes backwards in counting and is usually annotated with BC, before Christ. From the moment of his birth we were living in AD, which comes from the Latin Anno Domini , which means “in the year of our lord.” Since every year since his birth has been regarded as living in His year, the first year was year 1.

So when you look at the current dating of our years you will now see the reason for no year zero.


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