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6 Funny Condom Facts

Welcome to our list of 6 weird, awkward and funny condom facts. We’re sure that by the time you have finished this list you will never look at them the same way again.

1 McDonalds Accidentally Distributed Condoms In Happy Meals

This incident is almost comparable to the Walmart underwear mistake, except this was a pure accident.McDonalds Accidentally Distributed Condoms In Happy Meals

The events began to unfold when the condoms were intended to go to a school in Provincetown, Massachusetts when the school system recently established a rule that allowed them to be given to students of all ages. However, the meals were accidentally delivered to Barnstable Massachusetts by mistake. The meals delivered to Barnstable contained the condoms instead of the cheap plastic toy from the movie at the time, The Last Airbender. The reason no one discovered the mistake until it was too late is because most of the workers could not read English, and thought ‘Ribbed Latex’ was a character in the movie.

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