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6 Funny Condom Facts

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2 Sweden Has Condom Ambulances

sweden condom ambulances

How weird is this? In some Swedish cities you can find an ambulance of a very different kind. Condom ambulances. Yes, Sweden has condom ambulances. While not exactly the same as the emergency medical kind, they do provide a huge public health benefit. So what exactly are they, and whey does Sweden have condom ambulances?

Sweden’s condom ambulances came into existence when the rates of chlamydia cases in young people doubled in one year. Officials needed a way to try and enforce the safe sex message while also doing something to combat the increase in STI’s. So they came across the idea of a condom ambulance.

The principle of these unique ambulances is a simple one. Imagine you are getting it on one night with someone and you are just not prepared for, you know, some hanky panky. If you find yourself in this situation where you are about to have sex, but lack the protection to prevent a serious STI such as chlamydia or pregnancy, you just need to make a quick and maybe embarrassing phone call. For a call to the condom ambulance, and for small fee of 50 kronas (about $8), they will deliver 10 condoms to any address within the city.


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