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Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

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9 Coolest and Strangest Places to Visit Before You Die

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2 Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria

If there’s one unique place to put on your travel plans it’s, Green Lake in Austria. But be sure to make two visits, and on one you have to pack your scuba gear. This lake is so unique to others around the world that it is only a lake for half of the year.

Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria spends half a year as a park above water and half a year as a lake. In winter, it is a park with benches and tracks, and is really quite splendid. In summer when the ice and snow melts in the mountains the lake becomes even more splendid. It turns into a lake. Everything is still there, you just need scuba equipment to see it all.


3 Vanuatu Has An Underwater Post Office

If Green Lake was unusual in spending half a year submerged, this next post office is about a strange as things come.

The tiny pacific nation of Vanuatu has one of the worlds oddest post offices. It is situated 50 metres off shore of the main island of Port Vila and about 3 metres under water…. Wait? Under water? That’s right, the post office is under water.

The post office was opened in 2003 and has become a major tourist attraction. It is manned for 1 hour a day during the week and special water proof postcards can be posted from there. The postcards are delivered to the post office by 4 trained scuba divers. It has been estimated that 100,000 postcards have been delivered from the post office since it opened.

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