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Which Breast is Bigger? Left or Right?

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which breast is bigger left or right

Which breast is bigger, left or right? It seems like such a nonsense question to ask. Most men would not even notice the smallest of discrepancies when ogling a pair of bosoms, but there’s normally a small difference. A difference that most would hardly notice, but it’s there.

If you ever look at a woman’s breast (most men usually do, mistaking them for eyes) they appear to be in perfect symmetry. While it may not always to appear this way a woman’s breasts are rarely the same size. There’s almost always the smallest of differences. So which breast is bigger, left or right breast? Before you answer, or we give the answer away, take a wild guess. But no cheating, so don’t go and start measuring.

Which breast is bigger left or right?

To be precise, it is usually the left breast that is the largest one. But the difference is often so small that any size disparity¬†can hardly be noticed with the naked eye. But this is only an average measure. If you’re a woman who has a larger right breast that’s perfectly normal too. The only way to ensure that both boobs are in perfect symmetry is to undergo plastic surgery. Even then there’s a chance that a slight difference may occur.

So that answers the question to which breast is bigger, left or right, but that’s not where differences in breasts end. Believe it or not, but the differences go much further than you probably even imagined.

While a woman’s left breast is usually the larger one, the differences also extend to the nipples. It is also very common for the nipples to come in different sizes, shapes and also point in different directions. In rare circumstances some women, and men too for that case, can have a¬†superfluous third nipple.

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