The Beatles Watched George Harrison Lose His Virginity, then Applauded

the beatles watched george harrison lose virginity

We all remember our first time having sex. For most of us the experience doesn’t always live up to expectation, and can leave us disappointed. A lot of the disappointment is due to inexperience, not knowing what to expect, nerves and a feeling of under performing. A lot of the time the second, and subsequent experiences more than make up for the first time blues. So imagine for a moment what it was like for one of the biggest stars in the world at the time to lose his virginity. We’re talking about Beatle George Harrison, who lost his virginity in front of the other Beatles. But it was their reaction to the event that is most surprising.

Some people are more adapt at performing in front of a crowd than others. Musicians in particular seemingly have the ability to face huge crowds with relative ease, and give a performance just about anyone else would be proud of. Some people do find it more difficult to perform in front of friends and family than strangers. But the performance that George Harrison put on was certainly not a musical one, nor was it intended to ever have an audience.

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