Bill Gates Is The Worlds Richest Man Again

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It has been a matter of six years in the wilderness as the worlds richest man for Microsoft founder Bill Gates but he has now regained the mantle of worlds richest man from Mexican Carlos Slim. Bill Gates estimated fortune of a staggering $72.7 billion has just surpassed that of Mr Slims of $72.1 Billion. It may not sound like that much but it must be remembered that there is a difference of $600 million between them.

bill gates

Gates climb to the top once more was due to an increase in the value of his shares in Microsoft which has grown by 28% this year, while Slim has faced a loss of $3 billion due mainly to a new Mexican law that tightens the reins on his phone company.

The list of the richest people in the world is:

  1. Bill Gates Of United States $72.7 billion
  2. Carlos Slim of Mexico $72.1 billion
  3. Warren Buffet Of United States $59.7 billion
  4. Amancio Ortega of Spain $56 billion
  5. Ingvar Kamprad (Ikea founder) $55.6 billion




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