Boeing 727 Disappearance, No One Knows Where It Is

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Boeing 727 Disappearance

It is an all too often experienced problem. Vehicle theft. Every day thousands of cars worldwide are stolen, and for some owners they may just be lucky enough to get their car back. Theft of modes of transport is not a new thing. Ever since the first person developed a way to navigate without the use of our own legs, others have looked on in envy, and some have sneakily taken what they have desired. Basically stolen the mode of transport. It would be an easy argument to say that the smaller the item being stolen, the easier it would be to steal, and keep hidden. But what if it just happens to be a massive Boeing 727 that is stolen? Surely someone would notice its disappearance?

Disappearance of a Boeing 727

In 2003 a Boeing 727 was stolen while it was in Angola. Its disappearance has prompted a worldwide search for it, but to this day it remains hidden. The FBI even had a description for the lost aircraft. “…unpainted silver in colour with a stripe of blue, white and blue. The plane was formerly in the air fleet of a major airline, but all of the passenger seats have been removed. It is outfitted to carry diesel fuel.” Have you seen it? The FBI wants to know.

The Boeing 727 in question was on lease to TAAG Angola Airlines, and it had been grounded for a period of 14 months. During this time it had accrued around $4 million in backdated airport fees. While it was being stolen and taxied down the runway, the air traffic controller attempted to contact the Boeing, but they did not respond, and to complicate things, the tracking transponder was turned off.

There have been several false reports of the lost Boeing 727. Ben Charles Padilla was apparently on the plane when it was stolen, and authorities believe he may have piloted the plane. Where it is now, no one knows.



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