Up to 6% of Women Have an Extra Breast Under Their Armpit, the Tissue is Known As Accessory Breasts

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Up to 6% Of Women Have An Extra Breast, Known as Accessory Breasts

Some women have an extra breast. But it’s not where you think it would be. Unlike the picture we have, the extra breast isn’t located on the chest with the other two.

The body has an amazing ability to throw people the odd peculiarity for practically no reason. Some people grow to extraordinary heights, while some fail to grow at all. But no matter what life throws at you, most people manage. Occasionally though, some women will have the extra tissue located in the actual breasts, creating massive breasts.

We have recently told you about the man with two wieneres, and I am sure it was a surprise to many readers. While cases of additional appendages is rare, and sometimes hardly noticeable, occasionally it will occur in the most unlikely of places. While it is more common for it to appear with fingers and toes, extreme cases can include arms, legs, wieneres and breasts. In fact it is estimated that between 0.4 to 6 percent of women have one or even two additional breasts. While many men would likely be relishing the opportunity to take a peek or a grope at an extra breast, the reality is that they are very small in relation to the more up front and center breasts. But here’s the surprising part. It’s not only women who can have this condition. It is believed that between 1 and 3 percent of males also have them.

Where are the extra breasts located?

While some women may have additional breasts, they rarely fully develop, and are often misdiagnosed as being lymphatic or cystic. So where can the extra breasts be found? Unlike additional nipples that are most commonly found directly below the breast or nipple, the extra breasts, known as accessory breasts, are usually found under the armpits. That’s right, the extra breast tissue is under the armpit. As with extra nipples, the accessory breasts pose no health danger and require no urgent removal. In fact, many people may never notice that they have them.


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