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The Boy Who Voiced Bambi Went on to Become the Youngest Ever Marine Drill Instructor

bambi voice drill instructor

Would you believe that the voice of Bambi went on to become a drill instructor? Not only a drill instructor, but the youngest ever in the Marines. This man turned out to be so tough that he served three tours in Vietnam. So I guess that you are wondering who this Marine drill instructor that voiced Bambi was.

The Marines name was Donnie Dunagan, but when Walt Disney hired him he was only 6 years old. Like many child stars, he was discovered in a talent contest. As it turned out, he was a rather talented young boy. He had quite a successful career that was unfortunately cut short when his family fell apart. Before the family breakdown he had starred in eight movies. The remainder of his childhood was not fun. He spent years in and out of different boarding homes, until he forced a change of circumstances by joining the military.

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