Dolly Parton Lost A Look-Alike Contest To A Man

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dolly parton look alike contest

Dolly Parton entered a look-alike contest, and lost. But if losing wasn’t bad enough, she lost it to a man in drag. How could this happen?

Celebrity look-alike contests are nothing new. They have been an entertaining part of many attractions for quite some time. Quite often the winner bears a striking resemblance to the celebrity. But sometimes the judges of the contests think the contestant actually looks more like the celebrity than the celebrity does. But Dolly Parton losing a look-alike contest wasn’t the first instance of something so bizarre happening. There is of course the time that Charlie Chaplin, once the world’s most recognizable and famous actor, lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. But when he lost, it was to another man, not to a contestant of the opposite sex.

When Dolly Parton entered the look-alike contest  in Santa Monica, California, it was only meant to be as a joke. After all, it was a drag queen contest, and surely she would win. Her plan was to compete, win and then make the big reveal at the end, showing all that the winner was the real deal. But oh boy was she in for a surprise. She lost.

How Dolly Parton lost a look-alike contest to a man

Parton recalls that when she entered the contest all of the others were over 6 feet tall with their high heels on. She said she looked lost among the rest, especially with her small 5 foot frame, and doubted that the judges took her seriously. She says that for some reason people think she is tall.

I guess they thought I was just a little gay midget, or something…

~Dolly Parton on losing a look-alike contest to a man in drag

Needless to say, when she lost the look-alike contest Dolly Parton was shocked. But she took it all in her stride and in good humor.



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