Bruce Willis Bought 12,000 Girl Scout Cookies for Serving Soldiers

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bruce willis girl scout cookies

Actor Bruce Willis spent an insane amount of money buying Girl Scout cookies. The star of The Last Boy Scout spent $12,000, that a twelve followed by three zeros on cookies. But he wasn’t being a little crazy. Once you read why he did this you will think of the man much differently.

One of the worlds biggest action stars would have to be Bruce Willis. Many of his films see him acting as the penultimate hero, a true tough guy. This is a persona of his that transcends into real life. Just as he is on screen, off screen he is a tough nut to crack. He is renowned for refusing to sign autographs, and rarely shows any real emotions. But he has a soft side for the military.

Bruce Willis has been a long time supporter for the armed services. At the outset of the second Gulf War he attempted to enlist, but was rejected because he was too old. Not to be deterred, he tried to help in other ways.

His youngest daughter, Tallulah, suggested he should buy Girl Scout cookies for the troops, so he did. Bruce Willis bought 12,000 Girl Scout cookies for serving military members. These cookies were distributed to troops aboard the USS John F Kennedy who were stationed throughout the Middle East.

He showed support in other ways too. He journeyed to Iraq in 2003 as part of the USO tour, and his band, The Accelerators performed for the troops. This itself isn’t unusual for celebrities to travel to conflict zones in a show of support for the serving troops, granted. But he clearly has a deep and profound respect for serving members of the military. While he reported seeing nothing negative that was being reported in the media, instead recalling how the services were helping the local population to rebuild.



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