In South Park George Clooney Played Stans Dog Sparky

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george clooney south park stans dog sparky

In one episode of South Park George Clooney provided his voice talents to Stan’s dog, Sparky. So was this just one of the creators odd jokes at Clooney’s expense, or something else? And how extensive was his dialogue as a pet? Was it similar to Brian Griffin? Read on to find all of the answers.

If you’ve ever watched South Park you would have noticed that many of the celebrities on the show are impersonated, poorly as the shows intro also suggests. Very few celebrities are ever willing to participate, and are often the butt of bad jokes and made fun of. Some notable episodes where celebrities are shown in a less than shining light include Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise and Kayne West. One celebrity though was willing to go on the show, and even asked for a starring part. It was George Clooney who wanted a guest appearance on South Park.

George Clooney was an early fan of South Park, often emailing friends episodes. It was during the first season, when he was still an up and coming actor, that he reached out for a part. As a joke, Parker and Stone gave him a role in “Big Gay Al”, that of Stan Marsh’s dog. In the episode you can hear Clooney barking and snuffling, and he has no other dialogue.

Apparently when Comedy Central learned that George Clooney was going to be on South Park they became very excited. That excitement soon turned into shock, confusion and disbelief when they heard of the pairs plans for Clooney. They hoped that Parker and Stone would get the idea of how things should work, but they were wrong, and the episode proceeded as they had planned.

It could have very well been the last time a celebrity appeared on the show, but it wasn’t. They have welcomed other celebrities onto South Park, often giving them a similar role to Clooney. Even Jay Leno has provided the meows for Cartman’s cat at one point. Oddly enough, when the celebrities learn of the intended role, they still accept anyway.



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